Opinion: Changing Americans’ Attitudes on Drug Policy

Amanda Alling, Staff Writer The problem to be discussed here is one that requires a radical shift in not only foreign and domestic policy, but more specifically a deviation in perception of substance abuse. For far too long, we as Americans have viewed the consumption of drugs in a negative light – as a vice.Continue reading “Opinion: Changing Americans’ Attitudes on Drug Policy”

Dr. Cannon speaks at Union County Library on how to discern facts from fake news

Leah Joyner, Staff Writer Monroe, N.C.– Community members in Union County may have felt like they had gone back to college when they attended a program taught by Dr. Keith Cannon, the Chair and Professor of Journalism at Wingate University in the Communications Department. He spoke on Tuesday night at the Union County Monroe PublicContinue reading “Dr. Cannon speaks at Union County Library on how to discern facts from fake news”

Dreamers of Wingate share their stories 

Savanna Harris, Staff Writer DACA has been a hot news topic in recent weeks since the Trump Administration announced that the policy will be allowed to expire. But, what exactly is DACA? Simply put, DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is a program that was put into place by President Barack Obama in 2012Continue reading “Dreamers of Wingate share their stories “

My Vantage Point of History: The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump, 2017

Nick Vaughn, Staff Writer Washington, D.C.- Last Friday was not your average day. Normally, Fridays at school would include me attending classes or having a grilled cheese at lunch with my friends or if I am at home you could catch me simply going about my daily activities. Last Friday, however, was not that kindContinue reading “My Vantage Point of History: The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump, 2017”

Election 2016: Hilltop Republican Election Party

Election Coverage Gabe Kromah, Staff Writer Hilltop Restaurant held a Republican Election Night Party on Tuesday, November 8 The candidates and locals gathered here together to watch the elections but on multiple levels.  It was on this night that Republican, Donald Trump defeated Democrat, Hillary Clinton for the Presidential seat in a shocking win. This win cameContinue reading “Election 2016: Hilltop Republican Election Party”

Election 2016: Wingate Reactions

Sharing opinions on Election Night Cierra Smith and Jenna Turner, Staff Writer   This past Tuesday, November 8, 2016 marked election night for the presidency and other federal and local positions. Across the nation, tensions were running high and as the campaign season came to a halt, you could visibly see the divide between the differentContinue reading “Election 2016: Wingate Reactions”

Students meet Alma Adams on Election Night

Alma Adams has a hat for that, and she approves this message! Rob Gay and Sara Gunter, Staff Writers Congresswoman Alma Adams accepted her reelection to serve as a representative for North Carolina’s 12th district. This win coming with a surprising 69% lead over her opponent, Leon Threatt (R), in a controversial campaign due to redistricting in the state. Earlier this yearContinue reading “Students meet Alma Adams on Election Night”

Local Republicans celebrate Election Night victories

Championing the Conservative Cause Maggie Smith and Megan Katz, Staff Writers The members and supporters of the Union County Republican Party gathered at Hilltop on the evening of Tuesday, Nov. 8 to celebrate the races and in some cases victories. As votes were being tallied local representatives dined and mingled with their constituents, friends, andContinue reading “Local Republicans celebrate Election Night victories”

Students get opportunity to learn more about upcoming election

Columnist John Fund visits Wingate University, many students still undecided. Nick Vaughn, Staff Writer John Fund, a National Affairs Columnist for National Review magazine and a frequent contributor to Fox News, CNBC, and CNN spoke at Wingate University on October 24 to discuss the upcoming presidential election. This event was in conjunction with the BB&TContinue reading “Students get opportunity to learn more about upcoming election”

Clinton Visits NC, Talks Stakes of Election

Presidential Candidate comes to Charlotte, NC Nick Vaughn, Staff Writer           The Queen City has once again been host to a presidential candidate. Democratic candidate for President of the United States, Hillary Clinton was in Charlotte on September 8 to talk about the high stakes about the choice North Carolina voters faceContinue reading “Clinton Visits NC, Talks Stakes of Election”