Election 2016: Hilltop Republican Election Party

Election Coverage

Gabe Kromah, Staff Writer

Hilltop Restaurant held a Republican Election Night Party on Tuesday, November 8 The candidates and locals gathered here together to watch the elections but on multiple levels. 

It was on this night that Republican, Donald Trump defeated Democrat, Hillary Clinton for the Presidential seat in a shocking win. This win came as a surprise for multiple people including Republicans as most were not expecting some of the sing states to agree with the Republican candidate.

Candidates Jeffery Carpenter and Robert Palmer were running against each other for a seat on Superior Court. Jeffery Carpenter seen at Hilltop was the Republican running for North Carolina Superior Court 6th Division, District Judge.

Judge Carpenter who had 56.47% in with a total of 48,749 votes compares to his competition Robert Palmer who got a total of 43.53% of the votes with a total of 37,575 overall. This major point difference helped to make Judge Carpenter the new 6th division District Judge in North Carolina.

Judge Carpenter said he got into politics when he, “got a call from a friend, who started attending a local county meeting for the republican party,” This is where he met a lot of good people and he stayed active in the party. 

If you checked the attendance Carpenter was part of only a few who had perfect attendance for the whole 2 years. “my dedication opened many new doors”.

Bryson Taylor who has been working with  Judge Carpenter on his campaign promotion said “this election is really big for Union County” He said that this job is nothing short of a sacrifice, “the seat last 8 years long, so this is an 8 year job that his is running for and it’s not a job that needs to be taken lightly.”

In Bryson’s opinion, “The opponent Robert Palmer is unqualified he has never tried a trial law case in Union County, so to put someone like that in Jeff seat, where he’s been appointed by govern Pat McCrory and been doing his job for 4 to 5 months now, should make it easier for people to vote for him”.

Robert Palmer shared his opinion on the outcome of the election, “politics is not what I desire to do long term, my desire in life is to become a judge. Politics unfortunately, was the process that one must go through in order to obtain an elected position. Since I lost the judge seat in district 6, to Jeff I’m very disappointed but I have to understand that the people made their decision”.

Edited by: Sara Gunter

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