Veteran Brings Hope and Awareness During 5K

 Gabriela Cabrera, Staff Writer Photo by Gabriela Cabrera  An amputee veteran stopped in North Carolina to complete a marathon as part of his mission to bring awareness to disabled veterans and raise money for his cause. Rob Jones is running 31 marathons in 31 days to raise money for veterans overcoming challenges. Jones arrived inContinue reading “Veteran Brings Hope and Awareness During 5K”

Wounded veteran runs 29th marathon in Charlotte

Katlyn Batts, Staff Writer A former Marine who lost his legs in combat, Rob Jones, ran his 29th marathon out of 31 in Charlotte this past Thursday as a part of his Month of Marathons journey. “Plenty of Americans want to help veterans and that’s one thing I want to prove doing this,” said Jones.Continue reading “Wounded veteran runs 29th marathon in Charlotte”

The City of Charlotte recovers after the Keith Scott Shooting

Journalists discussed their coverage of protests at SPJ meeting  Celestia Rene Randolph, Staff Writer It was a restless atmosphere to begin with, but phones chirping with the tweets of mourners and activists, became the loudest to pierce through the tense atmosphere. Insistent that they receive answers regarding the shooting of Keith Scott. A local of Gaston,Continue reading “The City of Charlotte recovers after the Keith Scott Shooting”

Commuting: What’s the Point?

Commuting vs. Staying On Campus: Does it alter your college experience? Danny Stueber, Staff Writer   Commuting can be a hard decision to make when choosing a college or university. Some chose to save money especially if you live close to your college of choice. You can commute every day instead of living on campus itself.Continue reading “Commuting: What’s the Point?”

Wingate Seeks Donations for the Namesake of the Newest Building!

Wingate working on naming the new Health and Wellness Facility Kendall Sienon, Staff Writer Wingate, N.C. — Have you ever wanted a building named after you? Well now’s your chance! Wingate University’s newest construction, The Health and Wellness Center is running smoothly. In fact, they are accepting donations for the building’s namesake! But most importantly,Continue reading “Wingate Seeks Donations for the Namesake of the Newest Building!”

Calm on campus amid the chaos close to home

Perspective of safety from a Campus Safety Officer Zeriq Lolar, Staff Writer              With the hustle and bustle of the Wingate University school year, it can be very hectic for students and faculty. Although, it is hectic for these individuals, campus safety can be hectic also. Wingate University has had its population go up andContinue reading “Calm on campus amid the chaos close to home”

Clinton Visits NC, Talks Stakes of Election

Presidential Candidate comes to Charlotte, NC Nick Vaughn, Staff Writer           The Queen City has once again been host to a presidential candidate. Democratic candidate for President of the United States, Hillary Clinton was in Charlotte on September 8 to talk about the high stakes about the choice North Carolina voters faceContinue reading “Clinton Visits NC, Talks Stakes of Election”