Wingate Graduate rallies for Republican Campaigns

Election Coverage 2016 Tyler Smith, Staff Writer   With the first female major party candidate ever paired with Donald Trump acting exactly as Donald Trump always has, the 2016 election was certainly interesting to watch unfold. However for one former Wingate student, it was his first, albeit fulfilling, taste of a hopefully long career inContinue reading “Wingate Graduate rallies for Republican Campaigns”

Students meet Alma Adams on Election Night

Alma Adams has a hat for that, and she approves this message! Rob Gay and Sara Gunter, Staff Writers Congresswoman Alma Adams accepted her reelection to serve as a representative for North Carolina’s 12th district. This win coming with a surprising 69% lead over her opponent, Leon Threatt (R), in a controversial campaign due to redistricting in the state. Earlier this yearContinue reading “Students meet Alma Adams on Election Night”

Students get opportunity to learn more about upcoming election

Columnist John Fund visits Wingate University, many students still undecided. Nick Vaughn, Staff Writer John Fund, a National Affairs Columnist for National Review magazine and a frequent contributor to Fox News, CNBC, and CNN spoke at Wingate University on October 24 to discuss the upcoming presidential election. This event was in conjunction with the BB&TContinue reading “Students get opportunity to learn more about upcoming election”

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Presidential Debates

The COMM 220 News Writing class spent this afternoon asking people: “Are you going to watch the presidential debate on Wednesday? Why or why not? Did you watch either of the first two? If so, what did you think?” Class member Christina Kroeger talks with Wingate student Crystal Fuller:    Mary Maye is an administrativeContinue reading “QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Presidential Debates”