Bench-Warmers Without a Bench: N.C. Should Fund All K-12 Sports

By Harrison Taylor, Staff Writer Every day between the hours of seven and nine, my 16-year-old brother practices his extra craft: playing varsity football for his school. He plays because he loves the sport. The activity provides him structure, balance, and, most importantly, something to do. I can remember when he first started playing whenContinue reading “Bench-Warmers Without a Bench: N.C. Should Fund All K-12 Sports”

Wingate athlete compares Division I, Division II experiences

By Emarius Logan, Staff Writer  Every high school basketball player dreams of playing basketball at the highest collegiate level when they graduate. The goal for many is to get that big-time Division I offer to play at the next level. I’ve had the opportunity to play at both the Division I and the Division IIContinue reading “Wingate athlete compares Division I, Division II experiences”

Opinion: “#WalkUpNotOut” hashtag points fingers at the wrong people

Sarah Thurman, Staff Writer Instead of walking out of class, walk up to a student who is isolated and be nice to them. While this seems like a good idea at first, when it is looked deeper into it, this is victim blaming. The entire point of the walk out was for students to takeContinue reading “Opinion: “#WalkUpNotOut” hashtag points fingers at the wrong people”

Opinion: Internships should be a Graduation Requirement

Sydney Taylor, Staff Writer It’s common knowledge that when applying for a job, employers like to see that an applicant has had some prior experience working in that field. That’s what makes internships so great. Students get the experience employers like and they also learn things that they wouldn’t in a regular classroom setting. GivenContinue reading “Opinion: Internships should be a Graduation Requirement”

Opinion: Wingate’s lack of emergency planning during the school lockdown

Ryan McKeel, Staff Writer Shortly before Spring Break, Wingate University was put on lockdown on what was supposed to be just a normal Monday. In the middle of the day, law enforcement responded to a report of a shooting on Jerome Street south of US 74 across from the Wingate campus. Members of the WingateContinue reading “Opinion: Wingate’s lack of emergency planning during the school lockdown”

Opinion: Changing Americans’ Attitudes on Drug Policy

Amanda Alling, Staff Writer The problem to be discussed here is one that requires a radical shift in not only foreign and domestic policy, but more specifically a deviation in perception of substance abuse. For far too long, we as Americans have viewed the consumption of drugs in a negative light – as a vice.Continue reading “Opinion: Changing Americans’ Attitudes on Drug Policy”

Greek life springs into second semester with more recruitment events

Caitlin Bailey, Staff Writer Why Spring Recruitment? Bryon Ecker, a brother of Kappa Alpha, went through Spring Recruitment last year. He has a special perspective on the process this year. He says, “Spring Recruitment can be an untapped market because you’ve got freshman coming in the fall who said no to Greek life but regrettedContinue reading “Greek life springs into second semester with more recruitment events”

Hall of Fame inductions spark controversy

Shane Rich, Staff Writer As a new set of inductees swing their way into the Hall of Fame this year, the controversy over whether players such as Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens should be inducted is stirring. Should they be taken more seriously in this vote, or do they deserve to strike out? The MLBContinue reading “Hall of Fame inductions spark controversy”

Review: New album from Indie pop and folk artists Angus and Julia Stone

Aleah Cady, Staff Writer Snow is the fourth album released by singer-songwriter siblings Angus and Julia Stone. The album was completely written and recorded in Angus Stone’s home over a six month period, a new creation process for the siblings. The atmosphere was a relaxed environment for the duo to write, and many of theContinue reading “Review: New album from Indie pop and folk artists Angus and Julia Stone”

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What do you think of player protests during the National Anthem at NFL games?

Members of the News Editing class are asking this question on campus this afternoon. We’ll post the responses we get below: “I am very against it. The NFL should not allow players to do that.  Everybody gets mad that people call baseball America’s game instead of football, but yet the NFL wants to protest.” ConnorContinue reading “QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What do you think of player protests during the National Anthem at NFL games?”