Tips for a Less-Stressful More-Successful Final Exam Week

Staff Writers: COMM435 – Feature Writing Class In just a few weeks, Wingate students will be faced with final exams. For some, the results of the test may change a letter grade or make a difference between passing and failing a course. For others, final exams may hold graduation in the balance.  Whatever your situation,Continue reading “Tips for a Less-Stressful More-Successful Final Exam Week”

“Murder is A Fine Art” Cast Draws Wingate Students to Batte Center

Staff Writer: Alexandria Sessions Last week before Easter Break, the talented cast of “Murder is a Fine Art” conducted an audience interactive play, highlighting a love triangle, jealousy, revenge, and obviously a murder. The play was brought for entertainment for friends and families by the Wingate University Department of Communication and Art directed by BarbaraContinue reading ““Murder is A Fine Art” Cast Draws Wingate Students to Batte Center”

Kristen Johnson Yost University’s Communication Specialist

Staff Writer: Alexandria Sessions If you’ve checked your email recently chances are you have probably received an email from Kristen Johnson Yost, in the last few days. Yost, our very own campus Communication Specialist and University spokesperson, makes sure students and President Rhett Brown are up-to-date on all things Wingate, but are we up-to-date onContinue reading “Kristen Johnson Yost University’s Communication Specialist”

WU Cheer Tumbles Their Way to Being Top Dog

Staff Writer: Madison Mataxas We see them on the sidelines of sporting events dawning smiles on their faces, repping their blue and gold uniforms, and performing for the crowds, but more goes into the Wingate Cheerleader’s routines than many of us realize.  The season kicks off in August with the team participating in the NationalContinue reading “WU Cheer Tumbles Their Way to Being Top Dog”

Wingate Women’s Lacrosse Update

Staff Writer: Bella Pellet It has been a whirlwind of a season so far for the Wingate Women’s Lacrosse team. Since the Dogs’ first game, they have made history in these past 10 weeks. Back on March 5th, the Dogs beat Limestone for the first time since the Saints have moved into the Southern AtlanticContinue reading “Wingate Women’s Lacrosse Update”

How to Solve the World’s Problems

Staff Writer: Emily Werner These are trying times. We’re almost three years into the pandemic, Russia and Ukraine are at war, and One Direction is still broken up. There are so many issues in the world and it seems as though nobody knows how to solve them… except me.  Debt and poverty are debilitating toContinue reading “How to Solve the World’s Problems”

OTF Gaming Kicks Off An Early Start To Success

Staff Writer: Dwayne Davis WINGATE, NC– Most student-athletes on college campuses are known for their hard work on and off the field but not so much for their gaming skills. Once considered as a distraction to young kids and even adults, video games have opened doors for many, while turning casual players into multi-millionaire athletes.Continue reading “OTF Gaming Kicks Off An Early Start To Success”