Wingate Athlete Leads Outreach Program in South Carolina

Staff Writer: Savannah Phillips Wingate University student Jaquan Edwards is making a difference in the lives of middle- and high-school boys by volunteering for the LEAD ME (Lead, Empower and Develop Me) Program in Johnston, South Carolina. A motivator and a mentor, Edwards strives to encourage them to see the good in themselves. “A lotContinue reading “Wingate Athlete Leads Outreach Program in South Carolina”

How to Solve the World’s Problems

Staff Writer: Emily Werner These are trying times. We’re almost three years into the pandemic, Russia and Ukraine are at war, and One Direction is still broken up. There are so many issues in the world and it seems as though nobody knows how to solve them… except me.  Debt and poverty are debilitating toContinue reading “How to Solve the World’s Problems”

I Want a High-Speed Transcontinental Railway and I Want It Now!!!

Staff Writer: Emily Werner Since the ripe age of five years old (or sooner for some), we have been told that the United States is the greatest country in the world. We’re number one in so many things – student debt, divorce, covid deaths, and… something positive, I’m sure. But one thing we’re the absoluteContinue reading “I Want a High-Speed Transcontinental Railway and I Want It Now!!!”

Dream On 3 Recognizes “Mr. Union County” and All of His Hard Work at the 9th Annual Dream Gala

Staff Writer: Madison Mataxas Growing up and finding your place throughout elementary and middle school is a challenge in itself, but it becomes even more difficult when you are not able to express yourself in the ways you want. This was the situation that Michael Wayne O’Neill found himself in. At the age of 2,Continue reading “Dream On 3 Recognizes “Mr. Union County” and All of His Hard Work at the 9th Annual Dream Gala”

Local Union County Student Aims Survey at Young College Students

Staff Writer: David McCallister When thinking back to high school, many college students may have thought little of their complete college experience. Some students may have thought too much about their future and how they want to have an impact on society. For local high school student Reagan Fauser, her goals of impacting young adultsContinue reading “Local Union County Student Aims Survey at Young College Students”

The Journey Back to Taiwan

Staff Writer: Tzu-Hsun Hsu In March 2020, due to the COVID-19 rapidly spreading out in the United States, which accelerated the increase of the confirmed cases, the NCAA decided to cancel the spring season. During the pandemic, I took a long-distance and tough flight back to Taiwan.  On the afternoon of March 12, 2020, whenContinue reading “The Journey Back to Taiwan”

Thanksgiving Meal – 101

Staff Writer: Amy Cenname As the holiday season is approaching, students are planning to leave campus in the upcoming week for Thanksgiving break. And as students are preparing to have friendsgiving or be back with their loved ones, many are being asked, “What would you like to eat for Thanksgiving Dinner?”. Although many traditional ThanksgivingContinue reading “Thanksgiving Meal – 101”