Election 2016: Hilltop Republican Election Party

Election Coverage Gabe Kromah, Staff Writer Hilltop Restaurant held a Republican Election Night Party on Tuesday, November 8 The candidates and locals gathered here together to watch the elections but on multiple levels.  It was on this night that Republican, Donald Trump defeated Democrat, Hillary Clinton for the Presidential seat in a shocking win. This win cameContinue reading “Election 2016: Hilltop Republican Election Party”

Election 2016: Wingate Reactions

Sharing opinions on Election Night Cierra Smith and Jenna Turner, Staff Writer   This past Tuesday, November 8, 2016 marked election night for the presidency and other federal and local positions. Across the nation, tensions were running high and as the campaign season came to a halt, you could visibly see the divide between the differentContinue reading “Election 2016: Wingate Reactions”

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Will you vote today? Have you already voted?

Wingate journalism students will be doing Election Night stories and posting material to The Weekly Triangle’s Facebook page this evening. Until then, here’s something to whet your appetite for our political coverage. COM 220 News Writing students ask other Wingate students if they’ve already voted of if they planned to: Class members Andrew Elliott andContinue reading “QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Will you vote today? Have you already voted?”

Students get opportunity to learn more about upcoming election

Columnist John Fund visits Wingate University, many students still undecided. Nick Vaughn, Staff Writer John Fund, a National Affairs Columnist for National Review magazine and a frequent contributor to Fox News, CNBC, and CNN spoke at Wingate University on October 24 to discuss the upcoming presidential election. This event was in conjunction with the BB&TContinue reading “Students get opportunity to learn more about upcoming election”

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Presidential Debates

The COMM 220 News Writing class spent this afternoon asking people: “Are you going to watch the presidential debate on Wednesday? Why or why not? Did you watch either of the first two? If so, what did you think?” Class member Christina Kroeger talks with Wingate student Crystal Fuller:    Mary Maye is an administrativeContinue reading “QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Presidential Debates”

Donald Trump hosted SNL?

Hope Rogers, Staff Writer Donald Trump, the current front-running Republican presidential candidate, has made the news several times for his blunt statements. He is best known for his desire to build a wall between the United States and Mexico to secure the country’s borders. During a speech in June, he announced, “When Mexico sends itsContinue reading “Donald Trump hosted SNL?”