School of Sports Sciences professor to participate in service project in Nepal for two weeks

Brendan Shriver, News Writer Dr. Brandy Clemmer, a School of Sports Sciences professor and the head of the school’s Leadership Academy, will be leaving the United States next week to participate in a service project in Nepal with the organization Wine to Water for two weeks. This project is nothing new to Dr. Clemmer. AsContinue reading “School of Sports Sciences professor to participate in service project in Nepal for two weeks”

Dr. Cannon speaks at Union County Library on how to discern facts from fake news

Leah Joyner, Staff Writer Monroe, N.C.– Community members in Union County may have felt like they had gone back to college when they attended a program taught by Dr. Keith Cannon, the Chair and Professor of Journalism at Wingate University in the Communications Department. He spoke on Tuesday night at the Union County Monroe PublicContinue reading “Dr. Cannon speaks at Union County Library on how to discern facts from fake news”

Veteran Shares Difficult Training Regimen For 31 Marathons

Photo by Gabriela Cabrera Joanna King, Staff Writer Rob Jones, an amputee veteran, ran his 29th marathon on Thursday, November 9, in his mission to complete 31 marathons in 31 days.  Residents of Charlotte showed up at 6 a.m. to show their support and run alongside him. Jones plans to set an example for otherContinue reading “Veteran Shares Difficult Training Regimen For 31 Marathons”

WU Students TP Campus for Homecoming Celebration

Wessli-Ann Hardee, Staff Writer Wingate University students clear out the store shelves as they stock up on toilet paper for the annual homecoming tradition of “TPing” the campus on Thursday night. For years, Wingate University has been establishing traditions for students to take part in during homecoming. One of their biggest is allowing the studentsContinue reading “WU Students TP Campus for Homecoming Celebration”

WU Math Ed Majors attend NCCMT Conference

Laura Thompson, Staff Writer Two Wingate University education majors are attending the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics for professional development experience. Math professor, Dr. Laora Brizendine,  is taking two students, Matt Pugh and Shannon Moore, to the NCCMT conference. The conference is held annually in Greensboro and is sponsored by the NCCMT. It goesContinue reading “WU Math Ed Majors attend NCCMT Conference”

Lyceum preps students for successful interviews

Joanna King, Staff Writer Going into an interview is all about having a great pair of shoes according to a panel of experts, with 130 years of combined knowledge, who hosted a Lyceum at Wingate University on Monday night. “You can ruin a good business outfit with shoes that aren’t appropriate,” said panel member SteveContinue reading “Lyceum preps students for successful interviews”

Local ministry prepares community for threat of war

Gabriela Cabrera, Staff Writer MONROE – The threat of war with North Korea is becoming increasingly real and a local thrift store in Monroe, NC is starting preparations to help the community by gathering clothing and farming materials needed if panic should arise. Crystal Oliver, manager of Good Steward Ministries (GSM), sat down with herContinue reading “Local ministry prepares community for threat of war”