Students get opportunity to learn more about upcoming election

Columnist John Fund visits Wingate University, many students still undecided.

Nick Vaughn, Staff Writer

John Fund, a National Affairs Columnist for National Review magazine and a frequent contributor to Fox News, CNBC, and CNN spoke at Wingate University on October 24 to discuss the upcoming presidential election.

This event was in conjunction with the BB&T Lecture Series and was sponsored by the Jesse Helms Center. The basis of conversation in the Batte Center Recital Hall was on the topic of the Executive Branch Power Expanded Under President Obama.

The question that was focused on was post election, “What Can We Expect from Hillary or Trump?”

The event was a lyceum credit for students who attended. Junior Caitlin Villela attended the lyceum. “I found the lyceum very interesting. It really gave us an insight at how the two candidates for President would serve,” Villela stated.

In Fund’s lecture he talked about the differences between the two candidates and what their attitudes would be like as President when it came to certain decisions made by the Supreme Court or through executive orders.

“With a Clinton presidency you will see Supreme Court Justices appointed that will overturn decisions like Citizens United,” Fund said.

“A Trump presidency will see the repeal of Obama’s executive orders,” Fund added.

Many students and millennials in general are less than impressed by the choices that we have when it comes to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Randel Caldwell, a junior at Wingate University, considers herself one of those individuals. “This lecture and the speaker did not give me much more insight than I already had.” Caldwell said.

Caldwell has followed this election very closely for the past year. “I’m still unlikely to give my vote to either one of these candidates,” Caldwell added.

This election is now in the final few days, with many citizens still undecided and puzzled at this election cycle, the choice will soon be made.

Edited by: Sara Gunter

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