Election 2016: Wingate Reactions

Sharing opinions on Election Night

Cierra Smith and Jenna Turner, Staff Writer


This past Tuesday, November 8, 2016 marked election night for the presidency and other federal and local positions. Across the nation, tensions were running high and as the campaign season came to a halt, you could visibly see the divide between the different political parties.

The angst many Wingate residents and students had surrounding this one, pivotal night, was at an all-time high as well and as we covered the campus, you could easily see how anxious everyone was.

From starting off at the Wingate Community Center and getting voters reactions, to attending the election watch party in the DPC and gauging how students were feeling, we were able to get a wide variety of opinions and views on the election.

Chief Judge Jeff Gerber said that the turnout was almost double that of a general election. This year had a tremendous about of Wingate Students come out to vote. There was only one problem. Any student that came in on Election Day with a change of address form was still not allowed to vote.

Gerber said “the easiest way to vote is to vote early so that you know you are able to vote and know that your vote will get counted.” He also said he was surprised and happy to see more young people voting.

Election Official Laura Walker talked about the different jobs that she has to do. She helps set up at 5:30 am. Throughout the day, there is a whole process for when handicap citizen shows up; they don’t have to even get out of the car. At the end of the day, she takes the ballots to the Board of Elections.

This was her third election: to presidential and one early voting. Walker said “early voting was the busiest. I didn’t expect it.”

When talking to students about their opinions, Elias Everitt said “my heart hurts.” Most students only came to the watch party for the free food or for extra credit. Casey King’s reaction to being asked her opinion was “Just, No.”

Edited by: Sara Gunter

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