Students meet Alma Adams on Election Night

Alma Adams has a hat for that, and she approves this message!

Rob Gay and Sara Gunter, Staff Writers

Congresswoman Alma Adams accepted her reelection to serve as a representative for North Carolina’s 12th district. This win coming with a surprising 69% lead over her opponent, Leon Threatt (R), in a controversial campaign due to redistricting in the state. Earlier this year lines for District 12, were declared unconstitutional leaving much of the new 12th district in democratic favor.

Adams, a new resident of Mecklenburg County, says she is excited, “To build a Queen City that works for everyone.”

Adams hope is to “restore North Carolina’s historic focus on public education and a strong economy,” she assures the Mecklenburg community that she is committed to making Charlotte her home and her priority.

“Together we can Keep Pounding to tear down the barriers that separate our neighbors, sisters and brothers from opportunity—– you have a stake in the success of our community, unless we work together none of this is possible.”

Adams is scheduled to report back to Washington Monday, November 14.

Her closing statements to a crowded room and Charlotte South End served as a promise that she would “speak up, work hard, and be the voice for Charlotte”

Edited by: Sara Gunter

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