New Student IDs Allow Ease of Tap Transactions—But Losing One Will Cost You $20 more

Staff Writer: Jordyn Gaither The cost of replacing a lost student ID just got a lot moreexpensive for Wingate students. As a result of the implementation of a new chip-card ID that will allow tap transactions this year, the price of getting a replacement card for any reason has increased from $5 to $25. WingateContinue reading “New Student IDs Allow Ease of Tap Transactions—But Losing One Will Cost You $20 more”

Relocated Einstein Bros. Bagels Returns to Smith Library After Summer Hiatus

Staff Writer: Brianna Weston The recently moved and newly remodeled Einstein Bros. Bagels is reopening the week of Sept. 19-23 after a summer-long absence, much to the delight of students looking to add another dining option to a rotation that already includes Freshen’s, Chick-fil-a, Starbucks, Wild Blue, W.T. Harris Dining Hall and the Marketplace. AfterContinue reading “Relocated Einstein Bros. Bagels Returns to Smith Library After Summer Hiatus”

Diggin’ Up Bones: Pageland freshman’s ‘Boney Trinkets’ Provide a Halloween Fashion Statement That’ll Leave Them Howling.

Staff Writer: Savannah Phillips, Triangle Features Editor First year marketing major Hailey Brumett has a backyard full of bones at her family’s house in Pageland, South Carolina. Why? She makes animal bones into jewelry and is beginning to dabble in taxidermy.  Hobbies can develop in many different ways, and Brumett’s did gradually. From the timeContinue reading “Diggin’ Up Bones: Pageland freshman’s ‘Boney Trinkets’ Provide a Halloween Fashion Statement That’ll Leave Them Howling.”

Kristen Johnson Yost University’s Communication Specialist

Staff Writer: Alexandria Sessions If you’ve checked your email recently chances are you have probably received an email from Kristen Johnson Yost, in the last few days. Yost, our very own campus Communication Specialist and University spokesperson, makes sure students and President Rhett Brown are up-to-date on all things Wingate, but are we up-to-date onContinue reading “Kristen Johnson Yost University’s Communication Specialist”

Professor Case on Being Openly LGBTQ On a Historically Baptist Campus

Wingate University is known for its religious affiliation and, according to Niche, is rated the fifth most conservative university in North Carolina. However, overall treatment and views of LGBTQ+ people are more positive than one might think. Dr. Eddie Case (he/they) is an openly LGBTQ+ professor who has had nothing but good experiences on campusContinue reading “Professor Case on Being Openly LGBTQ On a Historically Baptist Campus”

March’s Wingate Person on the Street

Staff Writer: Madelyn Cherry What was the most exciting thing you did on spring break? Katherine Fronczak, Sophomore, Biology  “Over spring break I went to the Houston (TX)  Livestock and Rodeo Show. I watched Kane Brown perform as well as seeing rodeo events like bull riding, barrel racing, and cattle roping.” Noah Taylor, Sophomore, BusinessContinue reading “March’s Wingate Person on the Street”

The Wingate Incubator of Excellence

Staff Writer: Madelyn Cherry Chances are, if you are reading this, you attend Wingate University. Congratulations! You made it to the incubator of excellence. The hard work is done and now everything you do from now on will scream excellence. You no longer have to work for a thing, and life will be handed toContinue reading “The Wingate Incubator of Excellence”

“I Wish We Would Get Paid More Often”.

Staff Writer: Alexandria Sessions Eight dollars an hour and only 15 hours on a check is a budget students are not happy with due to their expenses. While other on-campus jobs pay their student workers up to 10 dollars an hour, many are capped at only $8. The payment process is done through ADP orContinue reading ““I Wish We Would Get Paid More Often”.”

Wingate University Welcomes New ResLife Area Coordinator

Staff Writer: Madison Mataxas When up-and-coming graduates think about their future career options, higher education and working with university residence life organizations are often overlooked. That was the case for Ali McGrath, the newest ResLife Area Coordinator at Wingate University. After graduating in 2015 with a degree in Psychology from Framingham State University in Framingham,Continue reading “Wingate University Welcomes New ResLife Area Coordinator”

The Triangle Is Looking for Writers!

Bulldogs! Do you love to write or know someone that enjoys covering local news? We are looking for permanent writers for the Triangle! You can write anything from sports news to the big headlines around Wingate University. Sharpen your writing skills and join the team! If you are interested, please contact David McCallister and MelindaContinue reading “The Triangle Is Looking for Writers!”