Opinion: “#WalkUpNotOut” hashtag points fingers at the wrong people

Sarah Thurman, Staff Writer Instead of walking out of class, walk up to a student who is isolated and be nice to them. While this seems like a good idea at first, when it is looked deeper into it, this is victim blaming. The entire point of the walk out was for students to takeContinue reading “Opinion: “#WalkUpNotOut” hashtag points fingers at the wrong people”

Opinion: Wingate’s lack of emergency planning during the school lockdown

Ryan McKeel, Staff Writer Shortly before Spring Break, Wingate University was put on lockdown on what was supposed to be just a normal Monday. In the middle of the day, law enforcement responded to a report of a shooting on Jerome Street south of US 74 across from the Wingate campus. Members of the WingateContinue reading “Opinion: Wingate’s lack of emergency planning during the school lockdown”

Opinion: Changing Americans’ Attitudes on Drug Policy

Amanda Alling, Staff Writer The problem to be discussed here is one that requires a radical shift in not only foreign and domestic policy, but more specifically a deviation in perception of substance abuse. For far too long, we as Americans have viewed the consumption of drugs in a negative light – as a vice.Continue reading “Opinion: Changing Americans’ Attitudes on Drug Policy”