The Invasion of Pumpkin Spice

Leigh-Ann Clark, Staff Writer “Pumpkin spice and everything nice” is how the saying goes for Americans during the fall season. When they say “everything”, they literally mean anything and everything edible.  From candy and doughnuts to yogurt and cereal to even pasta sauce, American businesses saw the rise of pumpkin spice popularity and took advantage... Continue Reading →

Why do we celebrate Columbus Day?

Øystein Fjeldberg, Staff Writer In the year 1492, a Portuguese ship trying to make its way to India missed its destination by thousands of miles. It arrived on the shores of an island in present-day Bahamas, and established an everlasting link between the people of Europe and the Americas. The ship’s captain, Christopher Columbus, has... Continue Reading →

Midnight Madness

Kyndra Sanden, Staff Writer   Cuddy Arena - Basketball season only comes once a year, but when it happens it comes at full force. 30 Games packed into one season, playing in different arenas across the eastern region, getting a bid to the big tournament: It all begins at Midnight Madness. Midnight Madness is a... Continue Reading →

A Haunting at Scarowinds

Tyler Smith, Staff Writer Walking through the gates of Scarowinds is the equivalent to stepping into Disney’s famed Halloween movie, “Halloweentown.” Except this is the MTV version, where the friendly ghosts and goblins seem to have taken the wrong turn and became the receivers of endless torture and mad scientist experiments. For a couple of... Continue Reading →

Getting to know Dr. Thompson

Kyndra Sanden, Staff Writer “I was lying on my back, looking up into the clear sky decomposing lights into one star. That’s when I knew what I wanted to be.” Dr. Grant Thompson, a physics and astronomy professor at Wingate University, grew up in rural northern Missouri. He saw the sky at a whole different... Continue Reading →

Wingate welcomes the Hinson Art Museum

Courtney Bailey and Hope Rogers, Staff Writer On September 24th, the Hinson Art Museum opened its doors for the first time. A second opening for Wingate University’s staff, faculty, and students followed on Friday. Years ago, Wingate University’s former president, Dr. Jerry McGee, expressed a desire to build an art museum to house the Wingate... Continue Reading →

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