Wingate Seniors talk about life after graduation

Mariah Anderson, Staff Writer As the spring semester comes to a close, Wingate seniors are looking forward to graduation and life outside of campus. Some will go on to graduate school, while others have found internships and jobs, and still others will make these decisions after graduating once coursework is behind them. We interviewed threeContinue reading “Wingate Seniors talk about life after graduation”

Graduation List for May 2018

Bachelor of Arts Sp/Su 2018 Ana Ruth Acosta Human Services   Amanda Marie Alling Communication Studies Public Relations magna cum laude   Naomi Denise Askew Music Performance   LaDejia Tenille Bittle Music Performance   Katie Powers Deese Religious Studies   Hunter Neal Edwards History cum laude   Mariona Medina Espinalt Marketing   Alexandra Leigh FerroContinue reading “Graduation List for May 2018”

Opinion: Internships should be a Graduation Requirement

Sydney Taylor, Staff Writer It’s common knowledge that when applying for a job, employers like to see that an applicant has had some prior experience working in that field. That’s what makes internships so great. Students get the experience employers like and they also learn things that they wouldn’t in a regular classroom setting. GivenContinue reading “Opinion: Internships should be a Graduation Requirement”

WU Alum First to Receive MASM Award

By Adam Riley II, Staff Writer Wingate alum, Callie Phillips, was presented with the first Master of Arts in Sport Management Distinguished Alumni Award during an expert panel discussing Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence in College Athletics in Austin Auditorium last week. “No one has to do everything, but everyone can do something to helpContinue reading “WU Alum First to Receive MASM Award”

WU Looking for New Orientation Coordinators

By Stephen Fisenne, Staff Writer A meeting was held at Wingate University to find new orientation coordinators and leaders last Wednesday at 6 p.m. Student Director of Orientation Taylor Rodier said, “It’s a great opportunity because it’s a good summer job and gets you connected to the incoming students.” In order to get the rightContinue reading “WU Looking for New Orientation Coordinators”

Lyceum Requirement Changes Cause Confusion, Relief for Many Students

Savanna Harris, Staff Writer When the word “Lyceum” is mentioned around the Wingate University campus, one would immediately think of a program put into place to enrich students and to broaden their educational experience. It offers students the opportunity to attend for lectures, performances, etc. that they might otherwise not be able to attend. EvenContinue reading “Lyceum Requirement Changes Cause Confusion, Relief for Many Students”

Library holds program on plagiarism for Academic Integrity Week

Dustin Kiggins, Staff Writer In recognition of Academic Integrity Week on Wednesday, librarians from Ethel K. Library presented students with tips on how to avoid plagiarism when doing research and writing papers for class and future careers. The presenters showed examples to students on plagiarism in music to see if the students understood the differenceContinue reading “Library holds program on plagiarism for Academic Integrity Week”

Senior Graduation List for May 2017

Bachelor of Arts Vincent Aiello Centereach, NY Criminal Justice   Kristie L. Begley Indian Trail, NC Psychology   Kaitlyn Brunworth Littleton, CO Biology   Joseph S. Carter Durham, NC Management   Devontae Alonza Cash* Chesterfield, SC Music   Jennifer Michelle Earp Traphill, NC English   Arte Michael Elliott Monroe, NC Music   Jennifer Andrea EscalanteContinue reading “Senior Graduation List for May 2017”

The Answer to Everything

Celestia Randolph, Staff Writer Duke University professor Michael Munger spoke to Wingate students about the likeliness of a near future wherein people enjoyed a “Sharing” and “Middle-Man” economy. The answer to his every question at the Tomorrow 3.0 lecture last Thursday evening was “transactions cost”.  A middleman economy, Munger explained, is “a system in whichContinue reading “The Answer to Everything”

New campus organization helps find internships for students

Internship Opportunities at Wingate Cierra Smith, Staff Writer As college students may know, the idea of getting out into the workforce once graduating can be stressful in itself. So, when looking for internships, the stress can be just as daunting. Most college students feel as if they have to get an internship that directly pertainsContinue reading “New campus organization helps find internships for students”