The History of Halloween

SPOOKY........SKELETONS........GHOSTS.........COSTUMES  Asherel Kaseorg, Staff Writer   It’s the end of October, and that means Halloween is in just one week! Front porches and yards are filled with skeletons, spiderwebs, and spooks, and store aisles are full of pumpkin-themed candy for trick-or-treaters. Halloween is actually responsible for one fourth of all the candy sold in the... Continue Reading →

A Haunting at Scarowinds

Tyler Smith, Staff Writer Walking through the gates of Scarowinds is the equivalent to stepping into Disney’s famed Halloween movie, “Halloweentown.” Except this is the MTV version, where the friendly ghosts and goblins seem to have taken the wrong turn and became the receivers of endless torture and mad scientist experiments. For a couple of... Continue Reading →

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