Wingate welcomes the Hinson Art Museum

Courtney Bailey and Hope Rogers, Staff Writer

On September 24th, the Hinson Art Museum opened its doors for the first time. A second opening for Wingate University’s staff, faculty, and students followed on Friday. Years ago, Wingate University’s former president, Dr. Jerry McGee, expressed a desire to build an art museum to house the Wingate Permanent Collection. It is because of McGee’s wishes that plans for the Hinson Art Museum were first conceived.

The Hinson Art Museum is currently home to the Ben Long Color Studies, which is a custom-designed fresco for the university entitled, True Art is to Conceal Art. This impressive piece of artwork centers around the theme that creativity and artistry can never truly be destroyed.

The fresco features scenes from the discoveries of the Laocoon statue in Italy and the Lascaux cave paintings in France. The Hinson Art Museum also features works of several other artists, including: Rembrandt, Salvador Dali, Romare Bearden, Dale Chihuly, Andy Smith and a Wingate art professor, Dr. Louise Napier.

The Hinson Art Museum is mainly focused on 20th and 21st century southeastern artists. Many of the artists featured are from nearby towns or counties in North Carolina. Their different artistic styles showcase the rich variety of creativity found throughout the state.

“We are blessed in North Carolina to have the range of artists who live here,” Mrs. Charlene Bregier, the Hinson Art Museum director said. “There is something about this state that draws the artists to move here. That ‘something’ is the landscape—the beach, the mountains, or even the red clay—that makes us a top destination for creativity and creative people.”

Wingate faculty is encouraged to bring their classes to see the collection, as well as arrange a highlights tour with Mrs. Bregier. “Our goal is to engage each person who enters the doors of the museum,” Bregier explained. “People connect with art in different ways due to their backgrounds and personal experiences. Hopefully, there is something for everyone in the Hinson Art Museum.”

The Hinson Art Museum is open to the public from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Edited by: Kyndra Sanden and Meredith Lalor

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