Students are encouraged to take Astronomy class offered next semester

Faculty Profile – Dr. Grant Thompson Oystein Fjeldberg, Staff Writer Dr. Grant Thompson teaches the popular astronomy class at Wingate University, where students learn how to tell the time by the phase of the Moon, how stars move across the sky during the year, how our Solar System is held together, and why stars haveContinue reading “Students are encouraged to take Astronomy class offered next semester”

Space Travel becomes reality

Better get your rockets ready…..its time for a space mission.  Asherel Kaseorg, Staff Writer   Have you ever wished you could just leave this planet and go be a hermit for awhile? Good news- according to President Barack Obama, NASA has plans to send humans to Mars. Obama says, “We have set a clear goalContinue reading “Space Travel becomes reality”

Proxima B, Unknown Earth like Planet

Possibility of New Life Christina Kroeger, Staff Writer  Just recently, there has been findings and proof of an Earth-like planet orbiting a star about 4.22 light-years away. Astronomers call this planet, Proxima B. Proxima B is measured to be one and a third times the size of earth and is surviving in a habitable zoneContinue reading “Proxima B, Unknown Earth like Planet”

Getting to know Dr. Thompson

Kyndra Sanden, Staff Writer “I was lying on my back, looking up into the clear sky decomposing lights into one star. That’s when I knew what I wanted to be.” Dr. Grant Thompson, a physics and astronomy professor at Wingate University, grew up in rural northern Missouri. He saw the sky at a whole differentContinue reading “Getting to know Dr. Thompson”