Wingate Prepares for Family Weekend

Family Preparing to see their Students at Wingate for the upcoming weekend Andrew Elliot, Staff Writer           As family weekend 2016 approaches the campus of Wingate University, preparations have been set and events have been planned. The campus’s Office of Parent Relations has taken the reigns of this annual event by planningContinue reading “Wingate Prepares for Family Weekend”

Mixed Feelings for All Access Meal Plan

Written by: Øystein Fjeldberg This fall Wingate University implemented a new system for meal plans. The All Access plan provides students with virtually unlimited meals over the course of the semester. There are some limits, but they do little to inhibit the students needs. Students have 999 meals that they can spend over the course ofContinue reading “Mixed Feelings for All Access Meal Plan”

Unlimited Meal Plan vs Bulldog Bucks

Cierra Smith, Staff Writer Ever heard of the quote, “change is inevitable, why hold onto what you have to let go of?” Well, if you have, then you know that change sometimes can be difficult, but it is bound to happen, so you learn to live with it. That isn’t always the case! For someContinue reading “Unlimited Meal Plan vs Bulldog Bucks”