Study Abroad Peer Mentor Program Starts at Wingate

Beginning of a new program to connects its students Internationally Megan Katz, Staff Writer This semester, Wingate’s Office of International Programs is beginning a new Peer Mentor program to connect students interested in studying abroad with mentors who have already completed their respective programs. Ms. Lizz Baxter, Assistant Director of International Programs at Wingate University, crafted... Continue Reading →

Calm on campus amid the chaos close to home

Perspective of safety from a Campus Safety Officer Zeriq Lolar, Staff Writer              With the hustle and bustle of the Wingate University school year, it can be very hectic for students and faculty. Although, it is hectic for these individuals, campus safety can be hectic also. Wingate University has had its population go up and... Continue Reading →

Former TV reporter Yost now Wingate’s interim director of marketing

New Staff Addition to Campus Robert Gay, Staff Writer  Wingate University has recently named Kristen Johnson Yost, Executive Producer for WUTV, as Interim Director of Marketing and Communications. As director, Yost is responsible for all media inquiries for the university on all three campuses, Wingate, Ballantyne, and Hendersonville. In addition to producing the university news show,... Continue Reading →

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