Greek Life and Recruitment 101

Recruitment may be over but here is the information you need to know.

Kendall Sienon, Staff Writer

Wingate, N.C. — It is that time of year again when sorority women all over Wingate University campus step up their game in preparation for recruitment in hopes to attract incoming freshman and other potential new members to Greek life.

Mary Catherine Boylin, Membership Vice President of Alpha Xi Delta believes that girls “should go through recruitment because there is no way to describe the feeling of having so many sister’s love and support you through your time in college and beyond. Sisters motivate and push you to fully realize your potential.”

Formal Recruitment starts Thursday, Sept. 14 and goes through Sunday, Sept. 18. All four Pan-Hellenic Sororities (Alpha Omicron Pi, Chi Omega, Alpha Xi Delta and Sigma Sigma Sigma) are participating in this year’s recruitment. There is an information meeting starting Wednesday Sept. 14 for all potential new members to learn about the upcoming process.

Diana Coyle, Wingate University’s Associate Director of Residence Life and Involvement, is in charge of formal recruitment and other Greek Life matters. Currently, there are 111 women who have signed-up for Recruitment this year. “It is fairly on par with previous years,” states Coyle. One trend seen at Wingate University is the increasing number of sophomores and juniors who register to go through.

“I think this speaks highly to the connections women make on campus during the first few years,” says Coyle “and that Wingate become their family so they want to find their sisters.”

The three nights are divided into different rounds with their own themes. The first night each sorority gives information about their philanthropy and financial obligations; Friday night is sisterhood; and the final night is “Preference” in which each organization demonstrates a special ceremony.

Bid Day is the last day in which girl going through the process finds their home. Bhumi Hardev, Sigma Sigma Sigma’s Membership Recruitment Director, claims that Bid Day is her favorite event all year, “It’s an exciting moment for me personally to see girls run out with happiness and knowing that practices with my chapter helped to win these girls over.”

There are many advantages for young college students to join in Greek Life. It helps them find a place in their college or university, it provides a plethora of social occasions, deep involvement with philanthropy and community service, there are many networking opportunities, and it helps students gain and maintain many different skills such as time management.

Anna Harbacevich from Chi Omega believes that “Recruitment is a great experience and girls should consider it whether they think they ‘fit’ the lifestyle or not and (they can) meet tons of amazing women along the way”.

For more information and to register for recruitment today follow this link:

Or email Diana Coyle at

Edited by: Sara Gunter

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