Ultimate Frisbee Club starting out strong

Ashley Garcia, Sports Writer At Wingate University there are many different clubs around campus. One of those clubs is the Ultimate Frisbee Club. The club has two different teams: men and coed. The men’s team competes in USA-Ultimate tournaments in the D-III division, while the co-ed team plays against different schools in North Carolina, SouthContinue reading “Ultimate Frisbee Club starting out strong”

International Student Spotlight – Faith Mahone

Photos Provided By Faith Mahone By: Celestia Randolph, Staff Writer The Office of International Affairs celebrates the idea of preparing students for a diverse world by introducing students to foreign cultures. One of the ways the office realizes this ambition for Wingate students, international and American, alike, is through the International Student program. This semesterContinue reading “International Student Spotlight – Faith Mahone”

Student Advice to Freshmen

 By: Sarah Everhart, Staff Writer Freshman year is a new and exciting time, but can also be a very confusing time for a lot of students. The first year of college is one of the most stressful, life-changing years of a student’s life. Many people choose their major, participate in clubs, greek life, or otherContinue reading “Student Advice to Freshmen”

Pushing New Boundaries at Wingate University

Savanna Harris, Staff Writer The start of your college journey can come across as daunting. In most cases, everything is new. New city, new people, the list goes on. From moving into a space filled with unfamiliar faces to hoping that you don’t walk into the wrong room on your first day of classes, itContinue reading “Pushing New Boundaries at Wingate University”

Candlelight Vigil held for the passing of Wingate student Geoffrey Dawkins

Gabriela Cabrera, Staff Writer Wingate University students were silent as they gathered together on Thursday to hold a candlelight vigil for a sophomore who passed away earlier this week. Geoffrey Dawkins, a sophomore criminal justice major, passed away at CMC Main in Charlotte, North Carolina. Students honored his memory by gathering together to share theContinue reading “Candlelight Vigil held for the passing of Wingate student Geoffrey Dawkins”

Track and Field Team prepares for its upcoming season

Track and Field Team Overview Tariah Harrell, Staff Writer The Wingate University men’s and women’s track and field teams have began their preseason practices for the 2016-2017 season. Head coach of the men’s and women’s track and field teams Travis Leflore and graduate assistant sprint coach Cole Henderson has given us a little insight onContinue reading “Track and Field Team prepares for its upcoming season”

Students prep for the future with Internships and Career Services

Tips for Internships and Career Services  Cierra Smith, Staff Writer As many college students may know, the stresses of getting out into the workforce after spending four years earning a degree can be monumental. During those four years, the students spend the majority of their time researching what they want to do and who theyContinue reading “Students prep for the future with Internships and Career Services”

Study Abroad Peer Mentor Program Starts at Wingate

Beginning of a new program to connects its students Internationally Megan Katz, Staff Writer This semester, Wingate’s Office of International Programs is beginning a new Peer Mentor program to connect students interested in studying abroad with mentors who have already completed their respective programs. Ms. Lizz Baxter, Assistant Director of International Programs at Wingate University, craftedContinue reading “Study Abroad Peer Mentor Program Starts at Wingate”

Calm on campus amid the chaos close to home

Perspective of safety from a Campus Safety Officer Zeriq Lolar, Staff Writer              With the hustle and bustle of the Wingate University school year, it can be very hectic for students and faculty. Although, it is hectic for these individuals, campus safety can be hectic also. Wingate University has had its population go up andContinue reading “Calm on campus amid the chaos close to home”

Greek Life and Recruitment 101

Recruitment may be over but here is the information you need to know. Kendall Sienon, Staff Writer Wingate, N.C. — It is that time of year again when sorority women all over Wingate University campus step up their game in preparation for recruitment in hopes to attract incoming freshman and other potential new members toContinue reading “Greek Life and Recruitment 101”