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Students Respond to Change in ‘Animal Crackers’ Packaging

Matthew Myers, Staff Writer

After 116 years, animals on the animal cracker box are roaming free. Nabisco changed the packing for their product after a successful lobbying attempt from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Nabisco claims the changes were made so that the packaging has a fresh look.

A question being asked by many is whether or not this marketing strategy will be effective. At Wingate University, 20 students were asked their opinion on this topic, and if it would persuade them to buy less or more animal crackers.

16 out of the 20 students did not care about the branding switch. But while most people didn’t care, the opinions of the ones that did were fiery.

According to Carly Heins, a junior, “I am so happy the animals are free! Who doesn’t love seeing animals freed from their cages? The changes made by Nabisco make me more inclined to buy animals crackers”.

On the flip side, Jake Dudzik, a sophomore, “I condemn the changes made by Nabisco. Nabisco changed a 116-year-old iconic label because an animal activist company begged them to. To see a mega-corporation fold to the request of an activist group is absolutely pathetic”.

Dudzik goes on explain “This change boils down to political correctness. That is something the majority of Americans are fed up with. I do not foresee this strategy garnering Nabisco any substantial revenue”.

At least on  Wingate’s campus, the repackaging does not seem like it will have a large effect on sales. Almost everyone stated that they would continue to buy animal crackers at the same rate they buy them now. While there is speculation about positive long-term effects, only time will tell if this change will pay off.   

Edited By, Rachael Robinson

Former TV reporter Yost now Wingate’s interim director of marketing

New Staff Addition to Campus

Robert Gay, Staff Writer

 Wingate University has recently named Kristen Johnson Yost, Executive Producer for WUTV, as Interim Director of Marketing and Communications. As director, Yost is responsible for all media inquiries for the university on all three campuses, Wingate, Ballantyne, and Hendersonville. In addition to producing the university news show, Wingate Today, as well as our broadcast station, WUTV.

“I knew it would be a learning curve,“ said Yost, “But I’m a doer and I’m always up for a challenge.” She says that during her time as director, which will end next May, she       is making a big push to align her team “to better serve Admissions and Resource Development”.

“We are thrilled that Kristen Johnson Yost has accepted the interim role,” said Dr. Heather Miller, Vice-President for Enrollment and Planning. “It is evident in Kristen’s video work for the University that she has a real passion for this place and understands and knows how to convey the Wingate story.”

Yost still recalls her journey to Wingate from the world of news reporting. “News takes a toll on you with some crazy hours and you see some horrific things,” says Yost. “But this is so vastly different; I have more creativity here and a better work-life balance.”

Yost, a North Carolina native and former reporter for WBTV, is a 2005 graduate from Elon University where she received a Bachelors of Arts degree in Corporate and Broadcast Communication. She joined Wingate in 2013 and attributes her time here to the “helpful and welcoming” environment.

Edited by: Sara Gunter