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The W’International fun has begun

Caitlin Bailey, Staff Writer

The W’International trips have finally been revealed. Rising juniors wait in anticipation every year to learn what exciting places they can go. This year was no different.

The reveal, held on March 28, started with Leslie Reynolds and Jennifer Armentrout from the International Studies Office, going over the new changes to the process and explaining how to register for W’International.

The biggest change this year is that there will be no more running to sign up. Registration will be done online. Students who successfully completed the campout will be sent a unique link for them to sign up for W’International. This was sent out at 7:45 a.m. on Tuesday.

Another change this year is that roll call at the campout will be done by hole-punching wristbands that will be given at check-in. The wristbands have to be worn until check-out at 6 a.m.

A very helpful addition this year is registering to campout. This can be done online prior to campout to help speed up the process.

The final change this year is that there is a scholarship lottery. If students campout starting at 3:30 p.m. and are present for 2.5 hours from 3:30-9:00 p.m. and through the night then they could possibly win a $500 scholarship for the trip. Five scholarships will be given out.

After Jennifer Armentrout and Leslie Reynolds spoke, each professor came up to  introduce their trip. “My favorite part of the W’International Reveal was the anticipation I got before each country was revealed” said sophomore Michelle Buttry.

Dr. Christy Cobb went first. Her trip is to Italy and will be over Winter Break. Not only will students go to Rome but Florence, Siena, and Tuscany as well. Students will learn how Christianity became the largest religion and get to eat delicious food.

Dr. Joseph Ellis went next. His trip is to Estonia. Students will learn about Estonian culture and Russian culture. Some of the places students will visit is the capital Tallinn, Marba which borders Russia, and Saaremaa Island. One of the most exciting parts of the trip is that it will be during the 150th anniversary of Estonia.

Third to go was Dr. Catherine Wright. Her trip is to Ireland. After this trip, she believes students will “walk differently.” Students will learn about Celtics and the Irish landscapes, as this trip will be focused more so on the countryside.

Next to present was Mrs. Marilyn Hartness. Her trip will be to Greece. Students will go to Athens, the Bay of Corinth, and Delphi. They will get to see the Parthenon and the Monastery of Mega Spileo. This is the only other trip besides Italy that will be over Winter Break.

Fifth to go was Dr. Allison Kellar who introduced her trip to England. Students will not only visit London but Bath and Oxford as well. They will learn about British plays, movies and literature. They will read Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Students will see Jane Austen’s House and the Hampton Court Palace, as well as many other things.

After that, Dr. Taura Napier presented her trip to Ireland. Unlike Dr. Wright’s trip, this trip will be going mainly to the cities of Ireland- most specifically Dublin. Students will learn about Irish mythology, animals like wolfhounds, and see ancient sites.

Dr. Matt Davis went next as he introduced his trip to Denmark. His trip focusing on parks and recreation. Most of the time they will be in Copenhagen, but students will get to go to Sweden as well. Students will learn about health, happiness, and outdoor engagement. They will walk, kayak, bike, and eat lots of pastries.

Last to go was Dr. Edwin Bagley. His trip is to Japan. Students will go to Kyoto, Kobe, and Osaka. They will also learn about how to be a pilgrim without being religious and look at Zen Buddhism. One of the most exciting things students will get to do is share a meal with monks and take a lesson in meditation.

There are so many great options for students to choose from this year. “It was so exciting and informative. I can’t wait to go on W’International now!” said sophomore Erin November.

Edited by: Brea Childs

QUESTIONS OF THE WEEK: Winternational, end-of-year concerns, MLB Opening Day and Easter Break plans

The COM 220 News Writing class put together an Easter Break edition of Questions of the Week.

First up is Communication major Katie Williams of Calabash, answering class member Hunter Pearson‘s question: “Where would you like to go on a Winternational?” The Winternational reveal of destinations for 2018-19 took place on Wednesday afternoon.

Major League Baseball season opened on Thursday, but this student was unenthusiastic when Mariah Anderson and Shane Rich asked if she was going to be watching.

So what ARE students most concerned about as we get near the end of the school year? Well, we couldn’t get them on camera, but here are the responses of a few students when asked by Hanna Smith and Matthew Garza.


As this is being posted, Wingate students and faculty are on Easter Break. Class member Tanya Crump asked sophomore Caroline Downs and senior Amanda Lemacks (in order) about their plans.

And one more. Class member Caitlin Bailey asked freshman Simba Walker of Goldsboro about his Easter break plans. He said: “I work at a Circle K. Sadly, I won’t be doing any homework. Shout-out to my Mom.”

We loved the t-shirt. And the photobombing skateboarder.


Have a Happy Easter, everyone.

Study Abroad Peer Mentor Program Starts at Wingate

Beginning of a new program to connects its students Internationally

Megan Katz, Staff Writer

This semester, Wingate’s Office of International Programs is beginning a new Peer Mentor program to connect students interested in studying abroad with mentors who have already completed their respective programs.

Ms. Lizz Baxter, Assistant Director of International Programs at Wingate University, crafted this program from a pre-existing model, because she says she wanted there to be a platform for students who go abroad to be able to share their stories.

Ms. Baxter says it was evident the most effective way students get information about study abroad opportunities is through a personal connection, and she wanted to help make those connections stronger.

“The first mentor assignment has been to speak in Gateway classes upon request,” says Ms. Baxter. “We have a language fair that the mentors will be involved with, as well as the W’International Pre-departure.”

Peer mentors will also have the opportunity to speak at special events like Family Weekend and Scholar’s Day.

Sophomore Danielle Nook is one of the student mentors in this program. She had the opportunity to participate in the Costa Rica Language Immersion program this past summer.

“I had an absolutely incredible time on my study abroad program, and I wanted to share that with other people and encourage them to do the same,” says Nook.

Nook says that any student who may be wary about going abroad should really just take the time to talk to a mentor. Going abroad is a priceless opportunity, and there may be so many ways to achieve that experience that students may never think of, Nook says.

Ms. Jennifer Armentrout, Director of International Programs, says, “I am excited to see this program come together, and I look forward to even more students taking advantage of the many opportunities we offer to go abroad on high impact programs.”

A bulletin board featuring the pictures and biographies of all of the current peer mentors will soon be posted in the lobby of Alumni and the DPC.

Ms. Baxter says she is always looking for more mentors, so if you are interested in becoming a mentor or studying abroad, please contact the Office of International Programs at e.baxter@wingate.edu or international@wingate.edu.

Keep an eye out for the Language Fair which will be held in the cafeteria on October 4th from 11-1pm, as well as International Education Week which will happen in November. Please contact Ms. Baxter if you would like to propose an event for that week.

Edited by: Sara Gunter

Benefits of W’international

Jonathan Jenkins, Staff Writer

College is often seen as a rare opportunity for people to experience firsts. There are first parties, jobs, relationships, etc. One opportunity that many neglect to mention, however, is the chance to go to your first foreign nation. While many universities offer chances to have these experiences, few are as involved as Wingate’s W’international program.

The W’international program was developed at the suggestion of former Wingate President Paul Corts and quickly became a prominent program for Wingate students. According to Wingate’s Director of International Programs, Ms. Jennifer Armentrout, W’international seeks ” to provide international firsthand learning that meaningfully contributes to developing students intercultural knowledge, character development, and independent world views for entry into the global work force.”

This focus on development needs far more than a simple trip overseas to be effective for students. Each W’international program has a class that corresponds with each individual trip. These classes focus on various aspects of each country’s culture by teaching about specific subjects, such as the study of Swedish crime novels for a trip to Sweden. This results in the material discussed in class coming to life for students.

There are many other benefits that students get from these trips, with one of the biggest being international experience. Zach Lewis, a junior that is going on the upcoming spring France trip, wants to use this opportunity to learn and grow. “I picked this trip to France specifically so I could practice my French language skills that I have been acquiring over the last four years,” Lewis stated.

Beyond simply learning and interacting with other cultures, international experience can also help students in pursuing jobs after college. “International experience is ranked high among many employers as a critical asset for prospective employees,” states Wingate’s web page for international studies. “Study abroad shows that you are resourceful, a risk-taker and internationally minded.”

International experience helps students by giving them practical experience in other environments as well. It can introduce them to new languages and ideas and most of all, give them an experience that they will remember forever. However, for most students that are hesitant to sign up, the cost is the deciding factor in their decision.

When asked about the cost, Zach Lewis responded by pointing out that the trips are already heavily discounted. “All of the ‘leg work’ is already taken care of,” Lewis stated. “Then we get to go have a great time in the destination country.”

Some students may be nervous about international travel, but, with the positives that it brings, it is well worth the cost and the effort. “I would tell students ‘on the edge’ of going abroad that the most frequent feedback I receive from adults is that the one thing they wished they had done while in college was study abroad, ” Ms. Armentrout stated.

W’international programs deliver the best opportunity many will have to obtain experience overseas, and with the many benefits that it provides, namely help with future jobs, great memories, and future friends, don’t miss out. You will never regret making a trip overseas.

Edited by Meredith Lalor and Danny Stueber