Wingate Seeks Donations for the Namesake of the Newest Building!

Wingate working on naming the new Health and Wellness Facility

Kendall Sienon, Staff Writer

Wingate, N.C. — Have you ever wanted a building named after you? Well now’s your chance! Wingate University’s newest construction, The Health and Wellness Center is running smoothly. In fact, they are accepting donations for the building’s namesake! But most importantly, we have an exclusive look at the newest features of this center.

Wingate University’s new Health and Wellness Center is going to be a fresh take on fitness with “fantastic equipment and state of the art features.” The building will include a new, modern lobby space with a functioning scanning system and optical gates to allow student entry.

There will be locker rooms for not only students but for faculty and staff as well. The updated strength room will be triple the size of the current one in the DPC. A two-court wood floor for basketball, two racquetball courts, and a Multiple Activities Court (or MAC) will be installed on the first level. The MAC is a multipurpose area designed for many different sports including indoor soccer, floor hockey, and lacrosse. Additionally, there will be office suites for coaches and staff as well as administrative offices.

On the second floor, there will be two group fitness rooms, a room designed for cycling class, an indoor track, and designated cardio areas. Brand-new TVs will fill the space as well as built-in Internet, Netflix, and a whole new dose of technology that will change the way students work out. “There will be something for everyone,” says Dei Reich, Director of Campus Recreation who also is assisting in heading the project.

With the new construction, there will be a few changes to Campus Recreation. For one, there will be a plethora of new jobs available for students. The hours will be extending to allow everyone the opportunity to use the new facility. There is a hope for increase participation in intramural sports and to influence students to “Unleash an Active Lifestyle”, a mantra Campus Rec and its staff members try to instill upon Wingate students.

“I’m excited for our students,” states Dei Reich. “This will be a great place for our students to play, work out, be active, and be social.”

Scheduled to be open in January 2017, it couldn’t come at a better time. The New Year, New Me resolution most people take will hopefully give students, faculty, and staff a perfect opportunity to use the facility! Look for advertising after Fall Break for student job opportunities and potential information about training.

Edited by: Sara Gunter

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