Making a BIGG change on campus

Courtney Bailey, Staff Writer With the honor of a DuPont grant recently being awarded to Wingate  University, both faculty and students have begun collaborating together to form a new sustainability group that will hopefully launch the campus and local community into a more environmental existence. From energy meters being installed on campus to an “Earth Week” planned... Continue Reading →

Mixed Feelings for All Access Meal Plan

Written by: Øystein Fjeldberg This fall Wingate University implemented a new system for meal plans. The All Access plan provides students with virtually unlimited meals over the course of the semester. There are some limits, but they do little to inhibit the students needs. Students have 999 meals that they can spend over the course of... Continue Reading →

Seniors lead WU Volleyball to global success

Tyler Smith, Staff Writer Senior volleyball players, Iris Brewer (#5) and Shelly Stumpff (#13), came to Wingate with the hopes of playing high level collegiate volleyball while experiencing everything that college has to offer. However, neither one of them could have guessed that they would have a combined eight South Atlantic Conference regular season titles and be... Continue Reading →

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