Student Organization Brings Veterans Week to Campus

By: Matthew Myers, Staff Writer Starting on Monday, Nov. 5, Wingate’s Student Veteran Organization and EKS are launching a week-long campaign for veterans awareness. Spearheaded by SVO and Friends of the Library, Veterans Week is promised to be filled with opportunities so that students may learn and have a better understanding of our military personnel.Continue reading “Student Organization Brings Veterans Week to Campus”

Speaker Kevin Hines shares his story of suicide and second chances

Sarah Thurman, Staff Writer On Thursday, February 22, Kevin Hines came to Wingate to give a lecture titled Cracked Not Broken, The Kevin Hines Story. Kevin Hines was only 19 when he decided that he wanted to take his life by jumping off the Golden Gate bridge.  This is a jump that 99% of people,Continue reading “Speaker Kevin Hines shares his story of suicide and second chances”

Tattered Pieces speaker addresses themes of loss, faith and forgiveness

Leah Joyner, Staff Writer The Rev. Sharon Risher captured students’ attention with her raw emotion on Sunday morning, sharing how she became an accidental activist when she lost loved ones in the 2015 Charleston shooting at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.  Risher, a native of Charlotte, N.C., spoke at a lyceum event atContinue reading “Tattered Pieces speaker addresses themes of loss, faith and forgiveness”

Lyceum on sexual assault among college athletes leaves students confused

Gabby Cabrera, Staff Writer In a lecture lyceum titled, Above the law: Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence in College Athletics, students were briefed about the prevalence of sexual assault in college athletics but many were left confused and disappointed, prompting university leaders to consider the need for more education. “I thought it was confusing. AllContinue reading “Lyceum on sexual assault among college athletes leaves students confused”

Lyceum Requirement Changes Cause Confusion, Relief for Many Students

Savanna Harris, Staff Writer When the word “Lyceum” is mentioned around the Wingate University campus, one would immediately think of a program put into place to enrich students and to broaden their educational experience. It offers students the opportunity to attend for lectures, performances, etc. that they might otherwise not be able to attend. EvenContinue reading “Lyceum Requirement Changes Cause Confusion, Relief for Many Students”

Lyceum preps students for successful interviews

Joanna King, Staff Writer Going into an interview is all about having a great pair of shoes according to a panel of experts, with 130 years of combined knowledge, who hosted a Lyceum at Wingate University on Monday night. “You can ruin a good business outfit with shoes that aren’t appropriate,” said panel member SteveContinue reading “Lyceum preps students for successful interviews”

Southern Circuit film series debuts for a third year at Wingate

Ryan McKeel, Staff Writer The Union County Community Arts Council and the George A. Batte, JR. Fine Arts Center at Wingate University have joined together for the third straight year to sponsor multiple free film screenings as part of the Southern Circuit Film Series. The next film in the series, at 7 p,m. Wednesday, willContinue reading “Southern Circuit film series debuts for a third year at Wingate”

Winston Churchill’s granddaughter remembers the good ‘ol days with students

Churchill’s granddaughter shares memories with students Celestia Rene Randolph, Staff Writer The Dynamic Words of a Bulldog “An acorn cannot grow in the shadow on an oak. Celia Sandy’s proves otherwise”, said North Carolina Senator Craig Horne, as he introduces the distinguished speaker: successful author, entrepreneur, and member of the Churchill society, the granddaughter ofContinue reading “Winston Churchill’s granddaughter remembers the good ‘ol days with students”

International Education Week includes wide variety of events

Wingate wants to bring cultural experience to all students Megan Katz, Staff Writer This week, Wingate University’s Office of International Programs will be working with student organizations, faculty, and international students to bring the student body a transformative International Education Week. According to the U.S. State Department, International Education Week is a nationally designated weekContinue reading “International Education Week includes wide variety of events”

Wingate Welcomes Arun Gandhi, Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi

Students listen and engage at Lyceum with Gandhi’s Grandson. Students gain valuable lifelong lessons.  Rachael Robinson, Staff Writer Wingate University welcomed Arun Gandhi, the grandson of nonviolent philosopher and Indian civil rights leader, Mahatma Gandhi, to the McGee Theater on Tuesday night. Arun spoke to what Molly Hutson, a sophomore, described as “one of the quietest,Continue reading “Wingate Welcomes Arun Gandhi, Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi”