Wishing Facebook was still considered “TheFacebook”


Kyndra Sanden, Staff Writer

Facebook is now the largest social networking site in the world. According to Zephoria.com, one out of seven people on earth is on Facebook; over 300 million photos are uploaded per day and five new profiles are created every second. That would include people like your mother, your grandma, your boss, and even your neighbor that lives three blocks away on Facebook uploading pictures of their dog.

All college students can relate to a time in their life when a friend has said, “Go check your Facebook. Did you see that picture? Did you see that video?” Now, instead of it coming from your friend. It is coming from your mother or grandma who constantly stay on Facebook creeping on so many people and “posting”, “liking”, “commenting”, and my mother’s favorite, “tagging” people in pointless things.

“My mom always tags me in all of her statuses she posts, and there is nothing more annoying when you get all the notifications from her friends who commented on the status saying something so pointless.” said Delana Grogan, a junior pre-veterinary major.

Founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, did not originally create Facebook for everyone of all ages to use. It was first launched to Harvard students, then to universities in the Boston area, and then onto every university in North America.

It was originally designed to create a connection between college students at different universities. In September of 2006, things began to change. “TheFacebook” was changed to “facebook.com”, and Zuckerberg launched a new feature allowing anyone with a registered email address the ability to sign up for an account. That is when the pandemic of our parents and grandparents taking over social networks began.

People between the ages of 35 and 54 now make up 31.1% of the users on Facebook. Your parent’s generation has taken over Facebook and we, as the millennial generation, absolutely hate it.

“I don’t really use Facebook anymore. It’s almost like older people have ran us younger kids out of Facebook. Granted, we are all about Instagram and Twitter now, but I think that’s because they haven’t taken those over yet.” said Megan Chapman, a senior psychology major.

“I love Facebook, and I admit that I am sort of obsessed with it. It has allowed me to reconnect with so many of my lost friends and classmates over the years,” said Stacey Mowers, mom to senior PR major, Emma Mowers, “I definitely believe that my age has taken over Facebook. We didn’t mean to do it. We just realized why our kids were always on it and what we were missing out on in social media world.”

At a net worth of $245 billion dollars and over 968 million people logging onto Facebook every day, Facebook is now becoming a household name and paving the way for future sites of social media.

Edited by: Rob Gay

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