Is the Freshman 15 a Myth or a Reality?

Kendall Sienon, Staff Writer Wingate, N.C. — Going into college, people are warned relentlessly about the potential of the dreaded freshman 15. During freshman orientation, they bring up the possibility of weight gain and how to combat it. All over social media, there are countless articles on tips on how to avoid gaining weight in college. But howContinue reading “Is the Freshman 15 a Myth or a Reality?”

Food Recovery Network founder sheds light on Food Waste and Ugly Produce

Sydney Walker, Staff Writer Wingate, N.C. – “Food waste is not one problem, but a collection of hundreds of problems that need to be solved–especially if the growing population wants to be fed,” said Ben Simon to Wingate University students. “The only way to feed the estimated 9 billion people in 2050 is to reduceContinue reading “Food Recovery Network founder sheds light on Food Waste and Ugly Produce”

How students are reacting to the new McGee Center

Andrew Elliot, Staff Writer As you walk in the big glass doors, you enter the spacious lobby. On your left, you see students lifting weights as if they’re bodybuilders and above you see an occasional faculty member walking on the track. The new fitness center is up and running as it opened officially last Friday.Continue reading “How students are reacting to the new McGee Center”

McGee Fitness Center Dedication

Tia Randolph, Staff Writer “If you build it, we will come!” Dr. Sylvia Little-Sweat said in the spirit of the 1989 movie “Field of Dreams”. The glow of the captivating chandelier, reminiscent of the conjoined Olympic rings, as well as the open, optimistic atmosphere of the building invites students and faculty to do just that. At fourContinue reading “McGee Fitness Center Dedication”

Wingate’s Largest Addition in History

Wingate is anticipating the newest addition to the Health and Wellness at the University.  Kori Adams, Staff Writer Wingate University is in the process of adding on a new building on campus.  The school is very excited to be building a new Health, Wellness, and Recreation facility. This building will consists of many new featuresContinue reading “Wingate’s Largest Addition in History”