Wingate’s Largest Addition in History

Wingate is anticipating the newest addition to the Health and Wellness at the University. 

Kori Adams, Staff Writer

Wingate University is in the process of adding on a new building on campus.  The school is very excited to be building a new Health, Wellness, and Recreation facility.

This building will consists of many new features such as a multipurpose activity court, a suspended running track, racquetball courts, locker rooms, 2 basketball courts, 2 fitness studios and multiple areas for weight and cardio training.  This building will be Wingate’s largest building ever built on campus.

Along with the space also comes a large price.  Dr. Travis Teague, Dean of the College of Sports Sciences tells us that the cost of the building is estimated to be around 19 million dollars.

Dr. Teague says, “The benefits will be great for students. There will be much more space and equipment for fitness and wellness activities, including major expansion of the weight lifting area.”

The projected date for opening is in January of 2017.  The Health, Wellness, and Recreation center will offer so many new opportunities for students at Wingate.  The school as a whole is very excited about the new addition coming soon!

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