Wingate’s Past President Update

Jerry McGee tells student what he has been up to

Rachael Renee Robinson, Staff Writer

WINGATE- Dr. Jerry McGee, after twenty-three years of service to Wingate University, has once again found himself in a presidential role. Dr. McGee is currently serving as Interim President of South Piedmont Community College and will continue to hold this position until December. Dr. McGee agreed to take the position after the resignation of their president to allow for adequate time to find a new leader for the university.

Since leaving Wingate in May 2015, Dr. McGee has done quite a bit of traveling with his free time. He and his wife, Marcella, have travelled to Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Russia and have even enjoyed a river cruise across Europe. Dr. McGee has also spent time with his sons and their respective families.

Dr. McGee says he misses Wingate University “every second of every day.” He misses the energy of working with students and spending time with his Wingate University colleagues and friends. Dr. McGee admits that it still feels strange to not come to Wingate University everyday, but he is grateful to Dr. Brown for keeping him engaged with the University in several meaningful capacities. “I continue to admire the fine work of WU and feel very grateful to have spent so many years there.”

Edited by: Sara Gunter


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