Wingate Prepares for Family Weekend

Family Preparing to see their Students at Wingate for the upcoming weekend

Andrew Elliot, Staff Writer

          As family weekend 2016 approaches the campus of Wingate University, preparations have been set and events have been planned. The campus’s Office of Parent Relations has taken the reigns of this annual event by planning a series of events for families and their students to take part in on the weekend of Sep. 24th.

          “The Office of Parent Relations is extremely excited to host the parents and families of Wingate students for Family Weekend.” Said Mr. Gavin Johnson, a member of The Office of Parent Relations. “We hope that the weekend will give more insight to the traditions, culture, and values of Wingate University. The parents should be as connected to the school as the student. Where parents send their students to receive a higher education is a very big decision.”

          The families of students can buy weekend passes that will allow them to engage in certain events. Families can choose from 1-to-3 passes available for the weekend. Many of the family events are free. Select event tickets are sold separately from weekend meal passes.

          There is the Friday meal pass; it cost $12 per person, and covers dinner on Sept. 23rd only. There is also an option for the Saturday meal pass; which cost $20 per person, and covers breakfast and tailgating on Sept. 24th only. Finally there is the Weekend meal pass; which cost $25 person, and covers dinner on Sept. 23rd, breakfast and tailgating for the football game on Sept. 24th.

Friday, Sept. 23

          The weekend kicks off on Sept. 23rd with Welcome Dinner and Check-in on McGee Promenade from 5:30 to 7:30. At 7pm that same night the Women’s Volleyball team will be taking on the Indians of Catawba.

          At 8pm there will be a special showing of The Jungle Book in Austin Auditorium. Also, from 7-9pm at The Rolling Hills Country Club, there will be a select invitation only Parents’ Society Reception.

Saturday, Sept. 24

          Day 2 of Family weekend is jam-packed with events starting at 9am with the Men’s Cross Country meet behind the soccer stadium. Also at 9am, is a Continental breakfast in the Rotunda of The Batte Center.

          From 10:00am to 10:45am is the State of The University Address by Dr. Rhett Brown himself in the McGee Theater. After this, there will be three events from the Faith, Knowledge, Service Series taking place throughout the Batte Center from 10:45am  to 11:25am.

          There is Community Engage at Wingate in the Vocal hall, Health, Wellness, and Nutrition at Wingate in the Helms Art Gallery, and W’International and Study Abroad Programs in the Recital Hall. From 11:30 to 12:15, the Faith, Knowledge, Service Series continues with CIVICS + Lyceum = All in! in the Vocal Hall. And Wingate University, A Lab of Difference Making in the Helms Art Gallery.

           From 12 noon to 1:30pm, is the parents tailgate at Irwin Belk Stadium with the rain location being located at the Batte Center.  At 1:30pm, your Wingate University Bulldogs take on the indians of Catawba in Irwin Belk Stadium.

           At 5pm, the Wingate volleyball team takes on the eagles of Carson-Newman. Also at 5pm, The Women’s and Men’s soccer team takes on the wolves of Newberry.

          “We want to connect the parents to the university in a positive way so that they can be confident that Wingate is a great place to live and learn.” For more information on prices of tickets, events, and questions, go to

Edited by: Sara Gunter

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