Wegmans comes to North Carolina

Hope Rogers, Staff Writer

The popular family-owned New York based grocery store, Wegmans, has made plans to open its first store in North Carolina. Despite the growing competition between grocery chains such as Publix and Whole Foods, in 2015, Wegmans was ranked the top grocery store in the country according to the Consumer Reports’ annual survey of customers.

Wegmans, which was founded by brothers John and Walter Wegman, opened its first store in 1916. Since then, Wegmans has expanded to 88 stores, primarily in the north. According to The News Observer, Wegmans spokeswoman Jo Natalie said, “We have signed a letter of intent and are working through lease negotiations with Columbia Development Group, with hopes of reaching a final lease agreement sometime during the first quarter of 2016.” The first NC store will be located in Cary, across from the Cary Towne Center.

The 90-acre property will consist of much more than the grocery store; the primary development sketch plans included up to 600 apartments. The site is located directly off of Interstate 40 and is currently inhabited by an indoor shopping mall. However, its future does not look promising as large retailers such as Macy’s and Sears have closed down their stores.

Councilman Don Frantz described the location as a “gateway into Cary”, noting that, “It needs to be remarkable. It needs to be something that stands the test of time. It needs to be something that provides a lot of jobs, shopping, retail, restaurants and residential.” As Wegmans stores include a pharmacy, restaurants, a coffee shop, bakery, and more, the new store may be exactly what Mr. Frantz was hoping for.

Although the plans are not yet final for the new store, fans of Wegmans have already taken to social media to show their excitement. Ty Bates, a former Wingate student, exclaimed on Facebook, “I LOVE Wegmans!! It’s got great lighting and decorations that make you feel like your in little Italy. They sometimes even have live local singers come in and play for the people eating in their hot food section (which is to die for).” Also a Facebook page called “Bring Wegman’s to the NC Triangle Area – Please” was created last year and has over 500 likes.

According to the Wegmans website, four new stores are set to open this year. Nine other stores are currently listed on the site as future locations, two are set to open in 2017 and the others are to be determined. Cary is not included in the list, and Ms. Natalie could not disclose Wegmans’s future plans to open in other NC locations.

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Wingate falls short after an intense game

Tyler Smith, Staff Writer

Wingate University’s women’s basketball team fell short of completely overcoming a costly first half deficit in their Wednesday night conference match against the Lenoir Rhyne Bears. The Bulldogs came back from 17 points down in the third quarter to watch Morgan McGee’s potential overtime, in which forced a three pointer that bounced off the rim and solidified their 66-63 loss.

The Bulldogs played in complete silence for a majority of the first quarter of Wednesday’s conference matchup against the Lenoir Rhyne bears. It was Wingate’s fourth annual “Silent Game”, which meant the bench, band, cheerleaders and spectators were prohibited from making any noise until Wingate scored it’s tenth point.

The Bulldog’s were shooting 23.1% from the field in the first half, prolonged the silence from Wingate’s fans. All the while, the Bears took advantage of the quiet gym and suffocated the Bulldogs with not only their trap defense, but their bench’s loud vocals as well.

“In the first half we just couldn’t get any type of momentum going,” junior guard Alex Tomlinson said. “They were playing zone which made us stagnant on offense; we weren’t getting the ball inside or knocking down shots.”

After a relatively well matched first quarter, the Bears pulled away in the second quarter, outscoring the home team 17-6. The Bears stretched their lead to 17 in the third quarter; however, by the end of the third quarter the Bulldogs made their first offensive push, rallying off of two back to back steals from sophomore guard Taziya Moody.

While it was Lenoir Rhyne’s defense that held the Bulldogs to such low percentages in the first half, the Bulldogs took their turn in the homestretch and forced multiple turnovers to cut the lead from 17 to three at the end of the third quarter. “In the second half we played with a bigger sense of urgency,” Tomlinson said. “We picked up the intensity on defense which caused turnovers which led to easy offense for us.”

The fourth quarter was a close battle and the Bulldogs looked like they were setting themselves up for the comeback win made by to huge plays from the junior guard Amber Neely and freshman guard Danasia Witherspoon. However, the Bears held onto the lead as the Bulldogs entered their final possession, and McGee’s potential game-tying shot took a bad bounce off the rim.

“We fought really hard to come back, as a result it made the loss that much harder to lose by so little,” Tomlinson said. “We knew we were a better team than them, and we waited too long to get it going and it cost us in the end.”

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Top 5 games of 2015

Danny Stueber, Staff Writter

2015 was a great year for games. It was so great, in fact that I have had to think about this list for quite some time. Now, this list is just, in my opinion, the best games of 2015 and includes only games I have played.

Therefore, Halo 5, Madden 2016, etc. have had much critical praise but since I never touched them they will not find themselves on this list along with many others. So with no more explanations needed, here are my top 5 games of 2015.

  1. Rocket League

As a child I loved soccer, I played all the way through middle school. Then I got tired of it and soon dropped it. It wasn’t until 2015 when soccer was reinvented through the game Rocket League, that my interest came back.

Rocket League hit the gaming world hard with it’s easy to learn controls, fun overall progression and matches, and its imaginative take on the sport. Months and months later this game is still popular and it’s the first sport game to get my attention in a very long time.

  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

In my opinion, The Witcher 2 was not a good game. I did not find all the systems and the gameplay fun at all and was done with it day. However, years later I did enjoy Witcher 3. I picked it up based on the overall love for it in the game community, hoping that I would like it more than its predecessor.

Now being over 50 hours in and still nowhere near done, it is one of the best open world games I have ever played. The side stories are engaging and I care for the characters. It’s as if I didn’t even need to know what occurred in past games to understand the plot. I love this game and will probably be playing it as you read this.

  1. Splatoon

When Nintendo, the family friendly game company every child grew up with, announced a shooter everybody was skeptical. Not only is it the best shooter of the entire year, it is also my favorite shooter of all time.

The point is not to kill others but to cover the battlefield with as much ink as possible with weapons ranging from guns to paintbrushes and that is enough of a change to reinvigorate the shooter genre. Also the music is like nothing you have heard before, the gameplay is addictive. Yet, I am still playing it over six months later, whereas I dropped Star Wars Battlefront and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 within a month. Splatoon ruined them for me.

  1. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

I have always loved the Metal Gear series and knowing that this is supposed to be the last game in the main series, I couldn’t have asked for more. There are game changing open world setups where you can accomplish your missions in any way you can think of.

This game was everything I wanted and probably made me the saddest of any piece of media this year when those credits rolled and I knew it was something I could never experience for the first time again. It’s probably the best controlling game I have ever handled.

  1. Bloodborne

156 hours. 4 different plays. Hundreds of enemies slain and thousands of gallons of blood spilled. I have not been able to put the game down yet. The gothic London setting, the intense combat, the cool weapons and enemy design.

I have never seen a game like this before and it surprises me how much I love this game, because I usually don’t like Dark Souls games from the same developers. I have spent many late nights enveloped in this game world and this might be the first game in my life where I forgot to breathe at times from how intense the battles would become. Not only is this my top game for all of 2015, it is in my top list of games for all time.

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

  • Guitar Hero Live (loved the reinvention of the franchise compared to Rock Band 4 taking the safe route)
  • Tales From the Borderlands (best Telltale game since The Walking Dead)
  • Fallout 4 (very fun but was just to similar to Fallout 3 to me to make the list)
  • Mortal Combat X (my favorite fighting game besides Super Smash Brothers)
  • Until Dawn (best choose your own adventure/horror game in years)
  • Undertale (an amazing game)

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StUeBs_13 = PlayStation ID

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We rate the Super Bowl commercials

The Business Journalism class was assigned to watch the Super Bowl commercials and review the best and the worst. Here are their ratings. Feel free to tell us whether you agree or disagree:

 Summer File, staff writer 


Thirty seconds and Colgate created an emotional, eye opening commercial. Dirty hands washing off fruit, older hands holding a bowl and little hands scooping up the four gallons of water that a person can aste in a single act of brushing his or her teeth. Colgate promoting turning off the faucet to preserve water that people around the world find as a precious item.

Budweiser has been killing it lately with commercials promoting safety and no drunk driving. Actress Helen Mirren vividly describes what she thinks a person is who drinks and drives. Using the hashtag #GiveADamn to promote safety and responsibility for all people. Just a simple meaningful commercial!


Apartments.com, could win an award for collaborating the most random bits of nothingness into a single commercial. A man playing a piano being pulled up a building, all while being followed by a gospel singing choir, who is carrying random people to different levels of the building. Finishing with lil’ Wayne in a large interesting hat. Congratulations Apartments.com you won the worse commercial about nothing.

Avocados from Mexico used aliens mocking human items as a promotion for their product. Silly humans using emojis for communication and the “god and white dress” that looks blue and black. Producers picked interesting things to show but it just was not a commercial that worked with avocados.

Hope Rogers, staff writer 


 Heinz “#MeetTheKetchups”: The only thing cuter than a mob of dachshunds, known as ‘weiner’ dogs, is a mob of them in hot dog costumes. Their happy faces and wagging tails could melt the sourest cat lady’s heart. They soon jumped into the arms of humans wearing Heinz bottle costumes, making a perfect match.

Hyundai “First Date”: Comedian Kevin Hart lets his daughter go on a date in his new Hyundai, which has a feature that allows the owner to track its location. Hart’s hilarious wide-eyed ‘angry’ face, which appears in a movie, helicopter, and pile of stuffed animals, intimidates the boy to take her home early.


Mountain Dew Kickstart “PuppyMonkeyBaby”: Mountain Dew’s attempt at comedy is even worse than their attempt at soda. A nightmarish creature with a puppy’s head, monkey’s body, and baby’s feet repeats the phrase “puppymonkeybaby” robotically to the beat. It’s so bizarre that it’s easy to forget what the point of the commercial is.

 Xifaxan: Seeing the animated human intestine with irritable bowel syndrome is enough to make anyone stop eating. As Super Bowl fans enjoyed the game with pizza and wings, they simultaneously watched a body part rush to the bathroom to relieve itself. It was uncomfortable and probably ruined some appetites.

Cierra Smith, staff writer 


Mini Clubman Car: The car ad was designed to breakdown stereotypes that plague many people throughout the world. The ad features a great deal of celebrities who have been the recipients of such stereotypes and by calling out those stigmas, they were able to make the commercial meaningful.

 Budweiser: This ad featured well­known actress Helen Mirren. It was geared towards the “drink responsibly” campaign and also not drinking while under the influence. The commercial was a good watch, because Mirren was speaking on a serious topic, while also adding a good deal of sarcasm, which made the ad funny as well as informational.


Snickers ft. “Marilyn Monroe”:  All of the Snickers ads in general were a bit much. With this ad in particular, it seemed as if they were mocking transgender people. I felt as if they were taking such a serious topic in today’s society and treating it as a joke.

Turbo Tax: although I personally use the online tax agency, the commercial was a bit dry for me. The emphasis was set on “not selling” you a product, but the entire time, they were talking about you using their services. Also, Turbo Tax is not free, so the ad was definitely misleading.

Jenna Turner, staff writer 


Doritos: I thought that the commercial with the ultrasound was a good one because it goes with their slogan of “For the Bold.” It shows what extremes people go to for the amazing chips, that even a baby would propel themselves out of their mother for one. I think it has a cuteness factor that will make people remember it.

Mountain Dew Kickstart: This commercial was very weird. The point was to show that three things combined can be awesome so they made a puppy monkey baby bring the Mountain Dews out. I think this commercial was a good advertisement because it had a factor in it that will stick in your mind.


SoFi – This was not a very effective commercial because it is only implying that “great” people can get loans through their company and that not everybody is great. The end of the commercial even says “See if you’re great, you’re probably not.” There may be a meaning that I do not see in this but I am not a fan.

Skittles: I think the skittles commercial with Steven Tyler was okay but not really anything that I would remember. I totally forgot about this commercial until I saw it again on youtube. I think that they could have done this commercial with a rock theme many different ways. When I think of Rock, I think of something that is going to stand for a long time and not shatter easily.

Rachel Rose, staff writer 

The Hits:

My  No. 1 spot goes to Honda’s Ridgeline Truck Commercial. As one of the top 11 commercials from SuperBowlCommercial 2016.org, I find this commercial was overall received well by viewers and has been acknowledged for its success. Animals always tug at the heartstrings, and Honda’s use of sheep was very delightful. With sheep singing to Queen’s Somebody to Love, who can resist?

The No. 2 spot goes to the controversial Mountain Dew Kickstart commercial. Though one of my least favorite commercials of the night, I have to say it is one of the most talked about commercials out there. “It was disturbing, and overall I didn’t like it,” said Kasara Lear, a student at Wingate University. “But I just couldn’t look away!”

Mountain Dew’s #puppymonkeybaby was one of the biggest hashtags used for the night. Love it or hate it, this commercial is being talked about everywhere, making it one of the most successful ads.

The Misses:

Quicken Loans Rocket Mortgage commercial was by far the No. 1 iss of the night. Their commercial was overall boring and unsatisfying compared to the other commercials shown. The whole concept was not received well by audiences. Time.com even scored the commercial an F for its performance.

No. 2 on the miss list is Social Finance’s ad. Though slightly amusing, the commercial was mostly confusing. Calling some people great, and others not, there was no given definition to why these people were considered one or the other. Since the company could have done more with the time they were given, I placed this commercial on the miss list.

Brooke Griffin, staff writer 


One of the most talked about commercials was the “PuppyMonkeyBaby” commercial, which I found particularly disturbing. I would label that as my least favorite commercial but it has people talking even 4 days later so it did the job it was meant to do. I think the more commercials that are done, the weirder they get. Which makes them stand out and stick with people but they also have absolutely nothing to do with the product they’re advertising.


My favorite commercial was a tie between the Dorito Dogs and the Heinz Wiener Stampede. If you know me at all, you know that I am a HUGE dog person. I love all sizes, shapes, ages, colors, and kinds of dogs. I also own a dachshund so the wiener stampede really tugged at my heart strings. These were both geared toward the “aww” crowd and meant to target apparent pet lovers in the crowds watching on Super Bowl Sunday.



Hilton Vineyard a hidden gem in Dowtown Monroe

Summer File, Staff Writer

In Monroe, Nc there are tons of hidden treasures like the Hilton Vineyard, which is a place for people of all ages to come and enjoy on their weekend. Located at 104 S. Main Street Monroe, NC, the Hilton Vineyard is a wine bar where customers come to enjoy samples of wine they offer all year-round.

Welcoming to all ages, this wine bar has many weekend events. For example, there was a Head Shaving Party on Feb. 5th called, “Hair Today…Gone Tomorrow” it was a fundraiser for Beth Tourtellot in which all donations went towards her breast cancer.

Also, they had a “Shave a Strip for a tip” to encourage donations. This event was good for anyone looking to be a spectator or participant, to come out and enjoy some of their best wines.

When speaking to Renee Christy, the representative for Hilton Vineyard, she told us the top wines to taste when visiting. Top selling wines are the Apple Cranberry Cinnamon mulled wine, which is warm and great for the cold winter, Chocolate Raspberry, Peach Pineapple pear wine and wine slushies.

Renee tells us that in 1969 the Hilton’s started making wine and slowly the business started expanding with time. The Hilton’s son, William Hilton, started the idea of the winery to be able to expand the wine making so that people everywhere could enjoy their wine.

Hilton Vineyard’s has grown, fermented, bottled and labeled all their wines in Union County. Renee says “being able to expand the company and create handcrafted wine for people to enjoy is like seeing our dream come true”

Renee has future plans for the vineyard, she says she would love to have more college students come out to enjoy the wine shops atmosphere, especially since it is located only 15 minutes from the Wingate University campus. Also, Renee says they would like to see more people come out to see the Treehouse Vineyard. It is located at 301 Bay St. Monroe, NC, and offers many events, including upcoming pink and Red ladies night out, on February the 12th.

Both the Hilton Vineyard and the Treehouse Vineyard can be found of Facebook, with complete listings of upcoming events and more information on the Head shaving Party.

Edited by Brea Childs and Shea Murray

Wingate defeats Lenoir-Rhyne and increases their winning streak

Rodrigo Ugalde, Staff Writer

If you are not in the edge of your seat, it is not a Wingate game. This seems to be true for Wingate’s men’s basketball, as Wednesday night saw the Bulldogs collect their eighth straight South Atlantic Conference (SAC) victory over Lenoir-Rhyne by 71-70 at Cuddy Arena.

Forward Isiah Cureton had his highest scoring game with 28 points and 10 rebounds, while Anthanee Doyle contributed with 15 points. The win left the Bulldogs with a 14-4 overall record and 10-2 in the conference, allowing them to stretch the winning streak and revalidate what they have done last week against nationally ranked Queens.

With a 13 point difference going into halftime which turned into 18 with more than two minutes into second half, the end of the game came as a surprise. Keenan Palmore had 29 points, 22 of which he got during the second half.

With one minute and 30 seconds to go, Lenoir-Rhyne went on to lead 76-75 for the first time in the game since the opening basket. From this point on, the Bears tried to exchange three points for free throws, but Cureton and Doyle’s precision from the line made the difference for the Wingate Bulldogs.

After the game there was an overall satisfaction in the Wingate squad, with an understanding that there was still room for improvement. “I would like to start closing out games a little bit better,” Wingate’s coach Brian Good said, “I love the way we are starting, but we need to finish a little bit better,” he added, in reference to this game and the victory over Queens, who saw the Bulldogs lead for as much as 18 points but finished 71-70 only. Isiah Cureton, Wingate’s lead scorer of the night, had something similar to say: “We are not playing all 40 minutes, we play like 25 or 30 minutes.”

Lenoir Rhyne’s locker room was not the happiest, considering they were one of the two teams that had defeated Wingate earlier this season. “We got off to a really good start. We traded baskets early in the game and they began to impose their game,” admitted Lenoir Rhyne’s Coach Ryan Odom, “They played tougher than we did.”

Edited by Brea Childs and Shea Murray