Hilton Vineyard a hidden gem in Dowtown Monroe

Summer File, Staff Writer

In Monroe, Nc there are tons of hidden treasures like the Hilton Vineyard, which is a place for people of all ages to come and enjoy on their weekend. Located at 104 S. Main Street Monroe, NC, the Hilton Vineyard is a wine bar where customers come to enjoy samples of wine they offer all year-round.

Welcoming to all ages, this wine bar has many weekend events. For example, there was a Head Shaving Party on Feb. 5th called, “Hair Today…Gone Tomorrow” it was a fundraiser for Beth Tourtellot in which all donations went towards her breast cancer.

Also, they had a “Shave a Strip for a tip” to encourage donations. This event was good for anyone looking to be a spectator or participant, to come out and enjoy some of their best wines.

When speaking to Renee Christy, the representative for Hilton Vineyard, she told us the top wines to taste when visiting. Top selling wines are the Apple Cranberry Cinnamon mulled wine, which is warm and great for the cold winter, Chocolate Raspberry, Peach Pineapple pear wine and wine slushies.

Renee tells us that in 1969 the Hilton’s started making wine and slowly the business started expanding with time. The Hilton’s son, William Hilton, started the idea of the winery to be able to expand the wine making so that people everywhere could enjoy their wine.

Hilton Vineyard’s has grown, fermented, bottled and labeled all their wines in Union County. Renee says “being able to expand the company and create handcrafted wine for people to enjoy is like seeing our dream come true”

Renee has future plans for the vineyard, she says she would love to have more college students come out to enjoy the wine shops atmosphere, especially since it is located only 15 minutes from the Wingate University campus. Also, Renee says they would like to see more people come out to see the Treehouse Vineyard. It is located at 301 Bay St. Monroe, NC, and offers many events, including upcoming pink and Red ladies night out, on February the 12th.

Both the Hilton Vineyard and the Treehouse Vineyard can be found of Facebook, with complete listings of upcoming events and more information on the Head shaving Party.

Edited by Brea Childs and Shea Murray

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