Wingate Gets Revenge on Pioneers

Maggie Smith, Staff Writer Wingate University’s men’s basketball got revenge on the Tusculum Pioneers Saturday, January 28, after losing to them earlier in the season. The bulldogs faced the pioneers back in November losing 98-101, this time they prevailed over the Pioneers with a 84-67 win. The bulldogs were lead to their victory by senior... Continue Reading →

Was Lochte in the wrong?

Athlete scandals and more... Tariah Harrell, Staff Writer What really happens to the athletes that lose endorsement deals when they become involved in bad news? Many might say that they are not good role models, or they are just acting undisciplined. For instance, twelve-time U.S. Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte was involved in an incident in... Continue Reading →

HB2: Affecting Sports in NC 

HB2 and its Effects. Zeriq Lolar, Staff Writer Sports in the state of North Carolina have been dramatically affected by House Bill 2, a law passed this year  that prevents transgender people from using government run restrooms corresponding to the gender with which they identify. Transgender people who have not taken surgical and legal steps to change... Continue Reading →

Midnight Madness

Kyndra Sanden, Staff Writer   Cuddy Arena - Basketball season only comes once a year, but when it happens it comes at full force. 30 Games packed into one season, playing in different arenas across the eastern region, getting a bid to the big tournament: It all begins at Midnight Madness. Midnight Madness is a... Continue Reading →

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