WU’s Baxter helps students take advantage of international study opportunities

Maggie Smith, Staff Writer Many college students fall in love with traveling during college. Whether it’s road-trips with friends on the weekends, traveling for spring break, making friends with people from other states or countries and getting to travel home with them, or to studying abroad for a couple weeks or a full semester. ManyContinue reading “WU’s Baxter helps students take advantage of international study opportunities”

Students Find Alternatives to Bookstores

The costs of textbooks is constantly rising,students are forced to find alternatives in order to save.  Delaney Smith, Staff Writer It’s no wonder students are finding other sources such as Amazon, Chegg and Valore to purchase their required texts. Rather than pay the exorbitant prices at university bookstores, students have turned to other sources toContinue reading “Students Find Alternatives to Bookstores”