Freaky Review: A Flawed Horror Freaky Friday

Staff Writer: David McCallister One of the last few films to come out this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic is Freaky. Directed by Happy Death Day’s Christopher Landon, the film follows Millie, who after getting murdered by a local serial killer, switches bodies with the killer and must figure out how to get back toContinue reading “Freaky Review: A Flawed Horror Freaky Friday”

1917 Review: Hope can be Dangerous

Staff Writer: David McCallister World War One, the war to end all wars. The horrors and missions that normal men had to see and accomplish are both extraordinary and depressing. Director Sam Mendes captures this with his latest film 1917. 1917 revolves around two young soldiers, who are tasked with calling off an attack againstContinue reading “1917 Review: Hope can be Dangerous”

The Nightmare Before Christmas Review: Celebration of Scares and Joy

Staff Writer: David McCallister The Nightmare Before Christmas is a stop-motion animated film directed by Henry Selick and produced by Tim Burton. Burton’s style and characters are present throughout the film, even if he didn’t direct the picture. The story of Nightmare revolves around Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King who wants to branch out fromContinue reading “The Nightmare Before Christmas Review: Celebration of Scares and Joy”

Halloween (1978) Review: The Boogeyman’s Greatest Haunt

Staff Writer: David McCallister Before the abundance of rehashed slasher films grazed the silver screen, the small team of John Carpenter, Debra Hill, and Moustapha Akkad worked together to make a simple movie titled Halloween. The premise is simple, after murdering his sister 15 years prior, Michael Myers escapes his mental institution. His one goal;Continue reading “Halloween (1978) Review: The Boogeyman’s Greatest Haunt”

What is there to love? part 3

Staff Writer: Michael Martin In this week’s “What is there to love?”, we will be getting to hear from three Wingate seniors and find out what they love about Wingate.  The focus of it is to go around campus and ask different students what they love about Wingate University. In the end, it will giveContinue reading “What is there to love? part 3”

Hocus Pocus Review: The Perfect Halloween Movie

Staff Writer: David McCallister Back in the early 1990s, Disney released a small film called Hocus Pocus in the summer of 1993. Received negatively at the time of release and with a mediocre box office return, Hocus Pocus fell into obscurity for over twenty years.  Recently, the film has resurfaced with a cult following andContinue reading “Hocus Pocus Review: The Perfect Halloween Movie”

Tenet Review: A Welcome Back to the Movies

Staff Writer: David McCallister Releasing a movie during a pandemic creates significant challenges. Tenet, directed by Christopher Nolan, is the first blockbuster to push the return to movie theaters. Having acclaimed films like the Dark Knight Trilogy and more recent movies like Dunkirk, Nolan’s latest endeavor tried to captivate audiences, but has been released toContinue reading “Tenet Review: A Welcome Back to the Movies”

Mulan Review: A Film Worth Waiting For

Staff Writer: David McCallister Throughout the unpredictable year, the film industry has been hit extremely hard. Countless delays, film festival cancellations and releasing movies on Video on Demand “VOD”, or streaming services rather than in theaters has caused tentpole films to take risks.  Disney’s Mulan is one of these risks. Mulan is one of the most anticipatedContinue reading “Mulan Review: A Film Worth Waiting For”