Wingate takes on Homecoming during COVID-19

Staff Writer: Amy Cenname

Wingate University hosted its virtual Homecoming for the first time this past week. For many students, alumni, families, faculty and staff. Homecoming is the most important time during the year that everyone is able to come together as one bulldog and traditionally celebrate their current and past times at Wingate University.

Traditionally, Wingate University kicks off Homecoming with students TPing the quad and having several planned activities for them to get involved with, and ending with an at home football game. But due to precautions that have taken place, Wingate decided to hold Homecoming virtually this year.

“I understand that the University is making all events virtual for the safety of people, but it still made me sad having to celebrate online and not in person”, said Natalie Peneger, a Wingate Alumni. 

Although the University was unable to hold any in person events, there were many online events that were made available for those that still wanted to participate. 

Some of the online events that were a big highlight available for people to watch and participate in were Dr. Rhett Brown’s Homecoming Address 2020, Mocktails and charcuterie with Brian Johnson, DJ set with Jody Sullivan, and lastly a Jam session with John Crooke.

“I really liked that Wingate did everything they could to make Homecoming this year as fun as possible, some of the events that I attended were actually really fun and interesting”, said Lea Cenname, another Wingate Alumni. 

If you were unable to attend any event from last week, be sure to check out Wingates hashtag, #StayHomecoming2020. With this hashtag, you can view the concerts, interviews, and slideshows that were put on for this year’s Homecoming.

For more detailed information regarding Wingate University’s 2020 homecoming, visit

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