What is there to love? Part 2

Staff Writer: Michael Martin

This week I will be continuing a column that I started last week called, “What is there to love?”

The focus of it is to go around campus and ask different students what they love about Wingate University. In the end, it will give a view into why students chose to come to this university and why they choose to stay after each semester. 

First off this week we have Hailey Miller, a senior Biology major from Houston, Texas. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about Wingate?

“[My favorite thing about Wingate] is to meet people from all kinds of places and all walks of life.” 

Miller said that her freshman year she lived down the hall from a girl that was from China and another girl who grew up Catholic. She grew up as a Christian in Houston, so to her, she found this very interesting because she was able to learn so much outside of the classroom. 

She also enjoys the aspect of different life cycles meeting at Wingate. She has had classes with veterans finishing their bachelors after serving in the Armed Forces, people coming back for a second undergrad degree, people finishing their undergrad after taking a semester off, or just other students on a similar path to her. Overall she just enjoys the people and the stories they offer to her while she is here at Wingate. 

Our second student today is Isaac Cook, a senior Marketing major from Marsvhille, NC. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about Wingate?

He has a slightly different situation as compared to many students we have already interviewed since he is a commuter student. This means he lives at home and drives to classes, sporting events, clubs, etc. every day. 

“[What I love about Wingate] is the location, I couldn’t ask for a better spot to be at.”

Cook said that he grew up hiking in the mountains and knew he wanted to stay close to those wherever he went to college so that he could have an escape from classes and stress. Not only does he enjoy hiking, but he loves taking trips to the beach as well. 

He mentioned that Wingate was perfect for him because he could easily go to the mountains, beach, or to Charlotte for dinner and to shop. 

Lastly, we have a Wingate graduate who also happens to be my wonderful mom.  She graduated a couple of years ago from Wingate and has missed it ever since. 

Q: What do you miss the most about Wingate?

“Oh that’s easy, the people and the community of course, however, once a bulldog always a bulldog.”

When she comes back for events like Homecoming, Family Weekend or other events the university puts on, she loves to be on campus any chance she can. 

WIth Homecoming and Family Weekend, she gets to see older professors that still teach here, as well as my friends and their family. She extends her friend group the Bulldogs she knew from back in the day.

She also said that she regularly receives things from the Advancement office about Alumni and what they are up to as well as loves engaging in conversation on the Parent Facebook page. 

My mom misses Wingate for sure, but she loves the community that she will never lose since she’s an Alumni of this university.

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