What is there to love? part 3

Staff Writer: Michael Martin

In this week’s “What is there to love?”, we will be getting to hear from three Wingate seniors and find out what they love about Wingate. 

The focus of it is to go around campus and ask different students what they love about Wingate University. In the end, it will give a view into why students chose to come to this university and why they choose to stay after each semester. 

First off this week we have Anne Abernathy, a senior Accounting Major. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about Wingate?

“[My favorite thing about Wingate] is the resources available,” Abernathy said. 

Being here at Wingate has made it very easy to get the help she needs, both in and outside of the classroom. Abernathy said that her professors are the best she has ever had, she also says that Wingate professors regularly beat her friend professors at other universities! 

She also said that one of the largest resources she utilizes is the tutoring center and writing center within the ARC here on campus. She has had many tutoring appointments to gain knowledge outside of class and get the best grade she can. The tutoring appointments partnered with her professors being available to help her during office hours has made her experience here at Wingate a fantastic one. 

“I truly am grateful for Wingate offering many different avenues for me to get the help I need in most of my classes here.” Abernathy said when asked why she is so happy with her experience here at Wingate. 

The next student is Marianna Warren, a senior Psychology major. She is a volleyball player here at Wingate who transferred here spring semester of her sophomore year. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about Wingate?

“My favorite thing here at Wingate] is the athletic department,” Warren said. 

She loves the facilities, the coaches, the physical therapy team, as well as the competitive nature of being a D2 athlete. She thrives when she knows that she needs to get down and play well to win a match or tournament. 

Last year, Warren tore her ACL during a game and it was a very intense couple of months of surgery, training, prayer and hope for a season this year to get back out on the court and enjoy this last season. 

Warren said that during that time she received many care packages, notes and get well soons from many members of the Wingate faculty and staff. 

“It truly made a difference in my recovery time,” Warren said. 

Outside of recovery, Warren loves going to games and seeing people she knows from classes or clubs out there supporting her.

When Warren transferred here, she said that she was nervous for the getting-to-know-people-stage all over again. She felt as if she was starting her sophomore year over.  

Overall, Warren loves the athletic department here because of its personal attachment to each and every athlete here on campus, as well as their dedication to getting as many championships for all our teams.

The last student we have is Kathrine Helms, she is a senior Communications major here at Wingate. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about Wingate?

“[My favorite thing about Wingate] is the jobs!! For sure the jobs, there are so many opportunities to have an on campus job that it’s such a great way to help professors, students, faculty, or facilities out here on our wonderful campus!” 

Helms said that when she came to Wingate for a tour, she knew that was the exact job that she wanted. Once she was on campus, that was all she could think about. 

While on her way to figuring out how to be the next best tour guide, she found positions in the library, as a peer mentor for Gateway classes, and social media for the university. These were all paid positions on campus that she was able to secure and manage all by herself amidst a very busy schedule every semester.

Helms said that once she was hired as a NaviGATEtour she got a glimpse into the admissions process and is now intrigued by the Enrollment Officer position and is considering looking into a similar role for a post graduation job that she could potentially apply for. 

Overall, she has learned, grown and gained a lot through being at Wingate, but especially within her on campus jobs that she has had over the years.

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