Student events during COVID-19

Staff Writer: Amy Cenname

Many Wingate Student Organizations on campus are having to change what they do on a normal schedule due to COVID-19. Since the pandemic, Wingate University has taken the proper measures to keep its students safe by installing new policies on its campus which include social distancing and limited room capacity. 

Although there are many changes, students are adapting within their organization to make sure there are still events to attend to, and trying their best to make sure that their members are still staying involved even if it is virtually.

With the new policies put in place student organizations are trying their best to adapt to the world we live in now, through zoom. “We are trying to use every digital communication tool available from social media to email,” said one student member from The Latin American Student Association. 

One event that LASA has planned already is a Lyceum called “We Are Humans Too”, which will take place on October the 7th at 4:30 PM. This event will be discussing the humanity in immigration.

“As COVID continues to limit our plans to be together in person, it will not stop our organization from interacting with one another! Chi Omega has put in chapter protocols to protect everyone in the chapter and on campus. In response, our directors have worked together to still plan events for each of us to still be active with one another even if it is through a zoom call,” Says Tristen Davis, Current chapter President for Chi Omega. 

Please visit for all updates and information regarding COVID-19 for Wingate University.

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