Moving Lyceums from in-person to online

Staff Writer: LaVonda Briggs

Lyceums are a graduation requirement for students at Wingate University. They consist of four different categories: Art, Faith, Growth, and Lecture. Students have 24 Lyceums to complete which is broken down by four in each category plus an additional eight of the students’ choice.   

Normally Lyceums would be treated like an event where students must sign up for a reservation and show their student ID to receive credit for attending. But due to COVID-19, Lyceums have now been moved to online and students attend them through Zoom

Moving the Lyceums online for some students have made it easier for them to complete the lyceum requirement.  

“I definitely think doing Lyceums online is a lot more accessible and it is easier to get my lyceum requirement completed,” said Wingate Senior Catelin Delaney.  

Although Lyceums are now online, there will be sometimes where students could have an interference with having to go to class or doing homework that causes them to not be able to attend.  

The good thing about the Lyceum series, however, is that there are plenty of opportunities to still get the same credit from another lyceum.  

“There’s been a few times where I’ve had scheduled zoom classes at the same time as Lyceums but with all the options, I always have a chance to attend ones when I’m not in class,” said Delaney.  

The process for signing up and receiving the credits is a little different this year as well.    

“It’s different because you have to fill out your own information rather than having your information already there from scanning your student ID,” said Wingate Junior Maya Coleman. “Having the extra form to fill out is different too because it’s a way to verify that you stayed the whole time rather than leaving the zoom call early.” 

The question is do students like having Lyceums online, or would they rather have to do it in person?  

“It would have to depend on the type of Lyceum. If it is a growth or lecture I would rather it be online,” said Coleman. “But if it is an art Lyceum, I would want to be there to have the experience in person.” 

The lyceum series is still growing and evolving, and the university is doing everything they can to still allow students to be able to complete their requirement. They have quickly adapted to the current situation and have kept the program going.  

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