What is there to love? Part 1

Staff Writer: Michael Martin

This week I will be beginning a new column that will be posted every week called, “What is there to love?” 

The focus of it is to go around campus and ask different students what they love about Wingate University. In the end, it will give a view into why students chose to come to this university, and why they choose to stay after each semester. 

First up this week is Danielle Berthalot, a senior Biology student on the Pre PA track.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Wingate?

“[My favorite thing about Wingate] is the friendships I have formed here, specifically with my roommates because they will last a lifetime I am sure.” 

Berthalot lives in an apartment setup on campus where she and her three roommates share a kitchen and a living room. She said that her friends enjoy movie nights together, as well as binge watching the show Chopped, since they share a passion for cooking. 

The second person for this week is Rachel Wu, a senior Chemistry student that is planning on pursuing a career in Forensics. Wu has had a very similar experience with her friends here, but focuses more on her relationship with her professors instead. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about Wingate?

“The professors truly love students here and want to see all of us succeed in everything that we do.” 

Wu says that she realized how much her professors cared when one of them reached out with an internship opportunity at a local lab named Goulston. There she was able to work on a project that developed surface modifiers, giving her real world experience in a chemistry field. 

She also said that the internship has led to more opportunities this semester, with research that is partnered with the same professor who recommended that internship, as well as gave her an idea as to what she wants to do post-graduation. 

Lastly, we have a student named Mykie Stahl, a senior in Psychology who is hoping to become a counselor once she graduates from Wingate. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about Wingate?

  “I loved [how] the community feels here on campus.” 

Stahl, being a Psychology major, truly cares about getting to know people and understanding why they feel or think in certain ways. She has had multiple projects where she needed focus groups that included students here on campus. She loves the fact that students are so readily willing to aid her in this process, her classmates, as well as students she may have never spoken to before. 

Stahl said that her favorite project was one that focused on counseling services in class because “we got to have moc sessions with the other students in class”, which gave her a lense into the exact thing she plans to do after graduation. 

Overall, the theme for this week’s feature is “relationships”, between students, but also between factually and staff members. One of the main reasons people chose Wingate was because of the social atmosphere and creating valuable relationships with everyone that you meet here.

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