Managing time and school work in the virtual world

Staff Writer: Kendrick Tucker

The 2020-2021 school year is underway and has gotten off to a very good start here at Wingate. With classes being moved to virtual learning, this year has been very untraditional to say the least. The biggest difference for all students is their new school days. Freed from commute and in class meetings, the amount of time on students’ hands is like no other. 

With this new schedule comes much more free time, but how do students manage this newly found free time and schoolwork? 

Jarren Cottingham, a senior at Wingate has developed a very manageable schedule during these first weeks of school. 

“I try to get my work done early when I know I have a lot of work to do, I like online learning because my schedule is very flexible,” Cottingham said. 

  Just like every other student, there must be some activity Cottingham enjoys during his spare time. 

“I love to play video games in my free time and play my piano,  I’ve really been able to learn a bunch of new songs and also master 2k so that is definitely a plus to the virtual learning venture.” 

He has adapted very well with virtual learning and managing his schoolwork and free time. 

Rashaard Pringle who is also a Wingate senior shared his daily routine when it comes to virtual learning. 

“I honestly don’t know, I just try to get as much work done as I can,” said Pringle. “I know if I simply work ahead there’s no way I can fall behind.” 

Pringle enjoys watching movies on Netflix, Hulu, or even a movie on cable during his free time.

It is very evident that working ahead is the best strategy for Wingate students. Making sure you get all your schoolwork done before you enjoy outside activities is the number one priority during virtual learning. 

Stay safe, wear a mask and don’t stress. 

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