WU Looking for New Orientation Coordinators

By Stephen Fisenne, Staff Writer

A meeting was held at Wingate University to find new orientation coordinators and leaders last Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Student Director of Orientation Taylor Rodier said, “It’s a great opportunity because it’s a good summer job and gets you connected to the incoming students.”

In order to get the right staff to welcome the students coming to Wingate next school year, Rodier held a meeting to meet new orientation leaders and coordinators. It was very important to Rodier that they exemplify Wingate in a positive way. The goal of the orientation staff is to welcome the students and make them feel at home.

Apart from making these students feel at home, these positions of leader and coordinator are satisfying for those who fill them. Zac Ezzell, an orientation coordinator from the previous year, said that “the orientation experience, while busy, was one of the most fulfilling parts of my summer.”

Ezzell said that they look for candidates that are energetic and knowledgeable about Wingate so that they can answer questions that the new students may have.

Bryon Ecker, a former orientation leader, talked about the Speak About it program. “I had to help a student through a crisis after the presentation, and it was very rewarding to me that I was able to help them through this difficult time,” said Ecker.

The primary role of a coordinator is to facilitate the new student experience through the orientation leader. Each coordinator has several leaders under them that they manage and guide.

The orientation leaders are the face of the operation that each group of students meet. These leaders are usually the first upperclassmen that the incoming students get to know. It is very important that they are organized and able to take charge in a situation.

The meeting happened in Hayes 209. Look for future opportunities to join the orientation coordinators and leaders.

Edited By Harrison Taylor, Dustin Kiggins, and Cierra Smith 

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