What’s Your Story?: Kimmi Moore faces trials that make her stronger

Maggie Smith, Staff Writer

Wingate University’s total enrollment is approximately 3,150. Out of those 3,150 people, each one has their own story. Students walk past one another everyday unaware of each other’s stories.

Some stories need to be heard so others fighting the same battles know they’re not alone, but sometimes people are afraid of sharing their story. Sophomore, Kimmi Moore has her own story and is willing to share it with others.

Photo Source: Wingate Athletics

For many students freshman year is challenging as it is a big transition from high school to college. For Moore however, the transition was an easy one. Moore started Wingate University in August of 2015.

Moore went to Wingate on a soccer scholarship. “Because I came in on a sports team with people I already knew, the transition was fairly easy. I already had friends here and they were able to help me transition into the college life and help me with classes which showed me time management” said Moore.

Although Moore got off to a good start and liked Wingate, life threw her a curve. “My freshman year during spring break I went home for a few days and before coming back to school my boyfriend committed suicide” said Moore.

“When you lose someone to depression you automatically feel like it’s your fault,” said Moore, “It took me a very long time to realize it wasn’t my fault.” Moore also said “depression is an inner battle with yourself and the best thing you can do is find little things to look forward to.”

Moore said she took time off to cope and better her mental health after battling depression. “I didn’t return to school for awhile because my parents were worried and I wanted to remain home and stay close to them time.”

Moore eventually decided to come back and continue playing soccer. “I came back because I knew it was the best thing for me and I had so many opportunities ahead of me,” said Moore, “I’m glad I came back because I focused on soccer, bettered my play, made new friends, and I was beginning to be myself again.”

Moore credits her teammates and her coach for helping her on her “tough days.”

Moore also said her teachers were very understanding and helped with the work she missed. Moore said she was even able to finish the semester with a gpa over 3.0.

One of her teammates and best friends, Erica Pacello said Kimmi’s strength is something she’s never seen before. “Her situation from the outside looking in seems unbearable and somehow she managed to channel her weaknesses into strengths on and off the soccer field,” said Pacello, “she’s an amazing friend to me, she asks me if I’m okay when I know sometimes she’s barely getting through the day.” Pacello also said that she knows the battle Kimmi is fighting is internal but she roots for her every day.

Kimmi has found love again and is in a relationship. Her boyfriend Nick Sprinkle said she shows her strength everyday. “She doesn’t let little mishaps and setbacks deter her from being one of the most kind and caring people I have ever met,” said Sprinkle, “Every single day she gets up, goes to class, practice, rotations, and even has time for herself, when many people can barely balance school and homework she is balancing ten things at once and it puts into perspective how much she can bare.”

Sprinkle also said, “You would never know that she was struggling unless she told you. She always puts others before herself, even if it costs her something. She does not think twice about helping someone else.” Nick said Kimmi is one of the strongest people he’s ever met.

“Wingate has impacted my life because without all the support I was offered I would not have been able to come back. This school puts each other first, offers you with options to expand your knowledge and try new things, and is just the home feel,” said Moore, “this school has changed my life, made me a better individual and opened up new horizons.”

Moore advises others who are dealing with depression to keep busy and to lean on your friends. “Your friends are here to help you, call them…you think you’re burdening them with your problems so you bottle them up which makes it worse.” Moore said she has a tattoo on her spine that says, The pain you feel today is the strength you’ll feel tomorrow. Keep going. “If you tell yourself that everyday, it’ll start to get better and you will achieve what you want, so just keep fighting” said Moore.

Edited by: Brea Childs

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