What’s your story?: Dorso graduates with masters degree, walking boot, and ever-present smile

Nick Vaughn, Staff Writer

Aimee Dorso is no stranger to Wingate University. Dorso spent her undergraduate years here, graduation with a degree in accounting last spring. She returned this year to complete the Master of Accounting program. By day Dorso is a student getting her masters, but by night she is the night manager at the Ethel K. Library where she is dubbed “Queen”

Dorso is set to graduate with her masters in Accounting in just a few short weeks. Looking back on her four/ five years at Wingate University— there have plenty of ups and downs. One thing that has stayed constant, is that Aimee Dorso will always, no matter the circumstances, have a smile on her face. That smile and positive outlook has been tested through her years at Wingate, especially the last two.

During her senior year of undergrad, Dorso broke her foot. She was in a walking boot cast for nearly two months. It was always a lighthearted joke and funny memory amongst friends. Just a few weeks ago after Dorso was closing the library for the night and walking to her car she stepped off of the curb wrong and broke her foot once again. The boot may be back, but the smile remains.

Caleb Ramey, a close friend of Dorso said: “The one thing I have always loved about her is her willingness to always look on the bright side and be positive. I don’t think I have ever seen Aimee not make light of a bad or hard situation. “Breaking both of your feet twice in two years would be hard on anyone’s ability to go about daily life in college and while working. But Aimee chooses to push through and keep going, it’s as if she never broke them.”

She is bummed that she will be in the boot when she walks during graduation this spring upon completion of her master’s degree. But she stated, “Stuff happens, if this is the worst thing that I will encounter, then I am doing okay. You have to stay positive, rather you are going through a break-up, a death in your family, a hard financial situation, a broken foot, or whatever it may be. Just know you will get through this. This situation you are in now does not define you as a person. You just have to keep going, just keep kicking as Dory from “Finding Nemo” says!”

Aimee is right. We all go through ups and downs, barriers and disappointments. What defines us is not what happened, but how we react and choosing to get up from that setback. Erin Draughn, a close friend of Aimee said “If it’s bad news, a bad grade, a disappointment, a broken foot, whatever it is Aimee reminds me to keep going. If she can do it, we can. That’s why I love our friendship and look up to her. She always sees the silver lining in anything that happens that we might not have planned for.” Draughn stated.

Dorso recognizes how hard life is for some, and tries to take things into perception. That is something that we all need reminding of from time to time. A problem can seem so huge at the time, but in the grand scheme of things, they were small and we can get through them. Aimee reminds friends like myself, Erin, Caleb, and all of Wingate University of that each and every day.

When asked if she had any closing words, Dorso smiled, turned around and said: “Just remember, these boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do, one of these days these boots are going to walk all over you. But seriously have fun everyone, college goes by in the blink of an eye, enjoy the moment, you will get through the barriers and be all the much stronger for it.”

Edited By: Brea Childs

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