The 1st December Commencement Information

Graduation 101

Brandon Bowles, Staff Writer

            On Dec. 17 Wingate University will hold its first ever Fall Commencement Ceremony. The ceremony will be held in Austin Auditorium beginning at 9a.m.. There are 219 total graduates with 152 planning to attend the ceremony.

For those planning to attend, Austin Auditorium has a 1,000 seating capacity overflow will be provided at McGee Theater with live streaming of the event.

According to Ms. Jodi Meer “the reason for holding this event is to shorten the amount of time it takes to grow through a graduation ceremony.”

Students will be filled into the auditorium to the so T. Rhett und of “Pomp and Circumstance” with the processional being led by Mr. Paul Koepke. Once everyone is seated the Invocation will be given by Shawn Riser Taylor.

Everyone will be welcomed by the Chair of the Wingate University Board of Trustees, Mr. Luther T. Moore. Following the welcome the Graduate Faculty Award will be presented by President Dr. T. Rhett Brown to someone who has yet to be named.

Former President Dr. Jerry E. McGee will proudly deliver the keynote speech. Once the keynote speech is delivered the students will begin to receive their degrees Provost Helen Tate and President Brown.

The Alma Mater will follow the presentation of the degrees have been presented followed the benediction given by William Clifford Stokes to close the program.

Edited by: Sara Gunter




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