Spring Break Brings Excitement to Wingate University

Staff Writer: Bella Pellet

One of the best times of the year for college students is Spring break – a week-long break that comes right after midterms. This creates a chance for students to go and break free of the college routine, the school work, and to let loose all of the work from the first half of the semester. For senior students, spring break means something different – their last chance to be with their college friends, their last “hurrah” before they step out into the real world with adult responsibilities. 

As spring break rapidly approaches, seniors at Wingate University are eager to share their big plans. Senior Parker Ledford says that this spring break trip is “going to be a good one”. You will find Parker at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina reconnecting with his high school best friends for the week-long break. “One of my buddies, Dave, plays basketball for East Carolina University so we are also going to stop there and watch him play as well,” Ledford said.

 “I am just really excited to be able to relax and have a break, it feels overdue in a way.” 

Tate Shepard, a senior who majors in management, is planning a trip with her girlfriends to Boone, North Carolina. She’s trading the sidewalk of Wingate for the Carolina mountains. She is going to visit family but also looks forward to enjoying fishing and hiking.  Whether you are going on an adventure to a new place or staying at home, enjoy your spring break. As a senior myself, it is so important to enjoy whatever you’re doing in whatever space you’re in. If you’re on campus, hang with people you might not see after school. If you’re on a sports team, hang out with your teammates, and if you are taking a vacation, have the best time because soon real life will be hitting us and our spring breaks will be limited.

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